Invincible Universe 1: On Deadly Ground

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Comic Info

Comic Name: Invincible Universe

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Phil Hester

Artist: Todd Nauck

# of Issues: 6

Release Date: 2013

invincible universe #1 cover review

Invincible Universe #1

Reprints Invincible Universe #1-6 (April 2013-September 2013).  Following Dinosaurus’s attack on Earth, the Guardians of the Globe realize they have a lot of work to do to stabilize the fractured world.  Under Cecil, the new team of Guardians must come together and start solving problems that they may have helped create.  Unfortunately, even all the powers of the Guardians of the Globe might not be able to stop the danger facing the world.

Written by Phil Hester, Invincible Universe Volume 1:  On Deadly Ground is an Image superhero comic book collection released under the Skybound imprint.  A spin-off of the popular Invincible series, the collection features art by Todd Nauck.

I was a big Invincible fan, but always felt the Invincible “universe” was under explored.  Kirkman created a lot of characters intentionally as throwaway of thinly veiled versions of DC and Marvel, but they never got their own stories.  Here, the Guardians of the Globe have their shot at some solo action, and it is a fun little run.

invincible universe #4 cover best tiger

Invincible Universe #4

The book kind of reads like an 1970s/1980s comic book.  Each issue is largely independent (except the last two issues which are more of a two-parter), and feature different characters with continuing themes that fill in the gaps in action/adventure.  It is a novel approach now, but it was common place in books like Avengers or Justice League where the characters personal lives were shoehorned in with things like alien attacks and worldwide threats.  Now, series go for bigger and longer story arcs that can be collected easily.  While this collection does feel “complete” (or at least halfway complete), it also feels like you can pick it up or put it down much easier.

I do like some of the characters who get “solo” acts in this book.  Both Best Tiger and El Chupacabre show that there is a potential for a lot of range in Invincible.  Invincible (and the stand-in Invincible) are part of this collection, but I like the solo action and the action that is completely untied to the Invincible storyline.  Other expansions like the Atom-Eve issues are still too close to Invincible and it is nice to see other portions of the world.

Invincible was/is a rather defined storyline, and since its ending there hasn’t really been much done with it.  Reading Invincible Universe after finishing Invincible, it would be nice to maybe have some more series or specials revisit Invincible…especially if it isn’t Invincible being explored.  With the Amazon series and a long timespan covered, more Invincible Universe stories are possible…even stories before Invincible during Earth’s Omni-Man period.  Invincible Universe 1:  On Deadly Ground is followed by Invincible Universe 2:  Above the Law.

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