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Will be interesting to see how the rest of the series is divided time-wise

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Get ready to get bloody!

Mark Grayson is a regular teen.  He works at a fast food job and goes to school.  His father also happens to be Omni-Man…one of the world’s greatest superheroes.  As his son, Mark is half-Viltrumite and waiting for the day when he might gain his own powers.  As Mark starts to come into his own abilities, Invincible is born…but the murder of the Guardians of the Globe in their headquarters could rock the world and destroy Mark’s life.

Invincible—Season 1 is an Image Comics animated adult superhero TV series.  Premiering on Amazon Prime from March 25, 2021 to April 29, 2021, the series is an adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s long running comic book series Invincible.  It was released to positive reviews.

invincible season 1 episode 5 that actually hurt mark airplane

Being a superhero is fun…right?

I read Invincible from nearly the start (about eight issues in) and recently finally finished it.  The series was long and winding.  Years passed in the comic and years passed for the character.  A TV series generally doesn’t have as much leeway and needs more get-up-and-go due to limits on time to tell the story (and in some cases how old actors are).  Invincible’s first season takes its time and shows that it could be a good long run.

The first season virtually adapts the first eight issues…which is rather shocking since the comic book series ran for one-hundred and forty-four issues.  Some events were sped up involving Robot, and other events were also brought in earlier, but largely, the series followed the comic book.  At this rate, Invincible could run a decade easily (though some of the middle part of Invincible could be cut down)…it will be a matter of seeing how long Amazon sticks with it, how long the actors stick with it, and what they might choose to eliminate without affecting the story.

invincible season 1 episode 1 its all about time omniman kills guardians of the globe

We need to get together more often…

Eliminating aspects of Invincible would be difficult.  As seen in this season alone, stories build on stories.  Unlike old-style classic one-off stories, Invincible maximized story cohesion.  The series only had a few tie-in series so it was easy to keep control of the Invincible “Universe”.  The series is tightly woven and built on character development which could cause problems if future seasons decide to “rush” things.

Invincible does a great job of bringing in names.  Steven Yeun and Sandra Oh bring heart to Mark and Debbie Grayson while J.K. Simmons is a good Omni-Man.  Zazie Beetz and Gillian Jacobs are providing Mark’s love triangle as Amber and Atom Eve and Mark Hamill plays costume maker Art Rosebaum whose role grows throughout the series.  Zachary Quinto provides Robot’s voice while Jason Mantzoukas is the voice of Rexplode.  Kevin Michael Richardson gets a dual role as the Mauler Twins and gruff voiced Clancy Brown is the Rorschach-esque Damien Darkblood.  While I generally love Walton Goggins, he would be the only one I’d say is a bit miscast in that I always picture Cecil Stedman more of a salty-tar type voice and Goggins comes off as more refined than I pictured the character.

invincible season 1 episode 8 where i really come from mark beaten

Mark takes a beating…

What initially distinguished Invincible was the fact that it never shied away from bloodshed…and the series also isn’t afraid to get bloody.  From the slaughter of the Guardians of the Globe to the beating by Battle Beast, you keep thinking that Invincible won’t get worse.  Then literally a subway car full of people gets shoved through the face of Invincible…blood and guts are everywhere.  It is over-the-top, but the violence does serve a purpose in the story.

Invincible—Season 1 doesn’t disappoint.  The comic book series also started out with a bang and despite some lulls, it would always do something to shock you back as a reader.  It will be interesting to see how far Invincible will go, and how fast it will get there.  The season ends with you waiting for the next season to drop…and the wait could be killer.  Like Kirkman’s other series The Walking Dead, there is generally no shortages of surprises…and yes, much, much, much more blood will fly.

Invincible—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

invincible season 1 episode 1 its about time omniman mark

“It’s About Time”

1.1       It’s About Time Release Date:  03/25/21

Mark Grayson has dreams of following in his father’s footstep who is secretly Omni-Man.  When Mark finally does develop his powers, it looks like being a superhero is in his future…if he can learn to control his Viltrumite powers.  With everything going his way, Mark feels like his dreams are coming true…but when the Guardians of the Globe get a mysterious summons to their headquarters, the true danger is revealed.

invincible season 1 episode 2 here goes nothing atom eve mark

“Here Goes Nothing”

1.2       Here Goes Nothing Release Date:  03/26/21

Omni-Man is clinging to life and being helped by the military, but the secret of his attack on the Guardians is unknown.  Tended to by Cecil and Debbie at the Pentagon, Mark finds that Invincible might be the only hope when an invasion occurs.  Overpowered and outnumbered, Invincible gets his first team-up…and a potential new girlfriend.  When an alien named Allen comes to town, Invincible gets his first big one-on-one fight.

invincible season 1 episode 3 who you calling ugly doc seismic mount rushmore

“Who You Calling Ugly?”

1.3       Who You Calling Ugly? Release Date:  03/26/21

The world has learned of the death of the Guardians of the Globe, and Darkblood continues his research into the murders.  As Mark prepares for his first study date with Amber, an emergency involving Doc Seismic at Mount Rushmore might mean he’ll have to dip out…and find another team up with Atom Eve.  Darkblood’s investigation leads him to Debbie which raises more questions about Nolan’s recent behavior.

invincible season 1 episode 4 neil armstrong eat your heart out mark

“Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out”

1.4       Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out Release Date:  04/03/21

Nolan works to increase Mark’s endurance as Mark has questions about his father’s world and past.  Debbie is beginning to have doubts about Nolan due to Darkblood’s visit.  Invincible is tapped for a mission to Mars.  Darkblood’s investigation leads to shocking results for Cecil.

invincible season 1 episode 5 that actually hurt vs battle beast

“That Actually Hurt”

1.5       That Actually Hurt Release Date:  04/09/21

Debbie continues to question Nolan’s recent behavior when she finds Darkbood’s notebook hidden in the house.  Invincible has himself a team-up with Titan to bring down Machine Head, but when the Guardians arrive and the fight goes poorly, Mark finds himself fighting for his life.  Eve’s decision to volunteer at a local kitchen with Amber could change Eve’s future.

invincible season 1 episode 6 you look kind of dead mark vs android

“You Look Kind of Dead”

1.6       You Look Kind of Dead Release Date:  04/15/21

Monster Girl and Black Samson fight for their life after Mark works to recover from Battle Beast’s beating.  When William plans a trip to Upstate University to visit his crush Rick Sheridan, Mark realizes it could be a good chance to spend time with Amber…but an android attack could ruin his plans.  Eve decides to leave school and start using her powers to help the world.  Debbie confronts Nolan about her suspicions.

invincible season 1 episode 7 we need to talk omni-man mark vs monster

“We Need to Talk”

1.7       We Need to Talk Release Date:  04/22/21

Cecil is moving in on Omni-Man, but Omni-Man doesn’t intend to go quietly.  Robot goes to the Mauler Twins to regain his humanity and demonstrates why he is one of the smartest people on the planet…but the Maulers have an ace up their sleeve in the form of the Immortal!  Mark deals with William finding his secret identity, and Amber’s break-up, but when he and Eve find his father battling a monster sent by Cecil, everything could change.

invincible season 1 episode where i really come from vs omni man

“Where I Really Come From”

1.8       Where I Really Come From Release Date:  04/29/21

Mark faces off against his father and learns the true goal of Viltrumites on Earth.  With the world watching, Omni-Man battles Invincible…and even if Mark survives the fight, his life will be shattered.

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