I, Vampire 2: Rise of the Vampires

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Comic Name:  I, Vampire/Justice League Dark

Publisher:  DC Comics

Writer:  Joshua Hale Fialkov/Peter Milligan

Artist:  Andrea Sorrentino/Admira Wijaya/Daniel Sampere

# of Issues:  8

Release Date:  2013


I, Vampire #8

Reprints I, Vampire #7-12 and Justice League Dark #7-8 (May 2012-October 2012).  Andrew Bennett is dead and now the original vampire Cain has returned to Earth destined to make it his own.  With only Madame Xanadu’s team of heroes to stop Cain, Deadman and Constantine must try to convince Cain to return to life…when he does, a new threat to the world might be unleashed that is far worse than Cain itself.

Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Peter Milligan, I, Vampire 2:  Rise of the Vampires follows I, Vampire 1:  Tainted Love in the New 52 series.  The comic collects two storylines of I, Vampire which includes a crossover issue with the Justice League Dark series.

The first storyline of I, Vampire 2:  Rise of the Vampires was actually called Rise of the Vampires, and the four issue arc one of the first crossover events of the New 52.  The story kicked off in Justice League Dark #7 (May 2012) and ended with I, Vampire #8 (June 2012).  This story tells of the battle for Gotham when Mary’s army invades and the fight against Cain.


I, Vampire #9

As a story, the Rise of the Vampires storyline is a bit rocky at points, especially with the stylized art of Andrea Sorrentino which goes a long way to make I, Vampire an interesting title.  The crossover storyline also featured appearances by the Bat family as the battle increased.  I felt the end of the story with the “all powerful Bennett” was a bit of a copout for the Cain storyline, but the situation in Justice League Dark with Xanadu’s betrayal was interesting (and continued in Justice League Dark’s own title).

The second half of the series dealt with Andrew’s decision to move to Utah and become a vampire cult leader.  This storyline isn’t awful, but there were too many issues of random fighting with the Van Helsings.  The end of the story ends in quite a cliffhanger with Mary and the vampires cured and Bennett completely evil (and doing in the rather annoying Tig).  It also features an appearance by Stormwatch.

I, Vampire 2:  Rise of the Vampires also marked a bit of a concern for the series.  By this point, I, Vampire sales began to slip and there were already talks of cancellation.  With I, Vampire 1:  Tainted Love being a best seller (and one of the better selling graphic novels of the New 52), DC ran into the problem of “do trade paperback sales necessitate continuing a series”?  Unfortunately, for I, Vampire, it didn’t and I, Vampire 2:  Rise of the Vampires was followed by the final series collection I, Vampire 3:  Wave of Mutilation.

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