Huntress: Crossbow at the Crossroads

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Earth-2 Huntress

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Comic Name:  Huntress (Limited Series)

Publisher:  DC Comics

Writer:  Paul Levitz

Artist:  Marcus To

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2012

huntress #4 cover guillem march

Huntress #4

Reprints Huntress (Limited Series) #1-6 (December 2011-May 2012). Huntress is on a mission.  Guns and girls are being trafficked through Naples into Gotham, and Helena intends to stop it.  With the mafia working with an international despot and the police, Huntress might be up to her neck in danger…but stopping saving the women caught in the middle is a must!

Written by Paul Levitz, Huntress:  Crossbow at the Crossroads is a six issue miniseries that was released as part of the New 52 relaunch of the DC Universe which occurred after Flashpoint.  The series features art by Marcus To.

Huntress wasn’t a very interesting character in the ’90s.  The character was originally the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle on Earth-2 and a member of the Justice Society of America, but in the late ’80s they reconned her into the regular DC Universe after Crisis on Infinite Earth as Helena Bertinelli (who was a generic mob boss daughter that didn’t like her father).  This Huntress borrowed from the Punisher’s grittiness and Elektra’s attitude but felt a bit generic in that sense.  Here, the original Helena Wayne is back and that at least is a good thing.

Unfortunately, Huntress:  Crossbow at the Crossroads isn’t that interesting of a miniseries.  Without supervillains, Huntress outclasses the gangsters every step of the way.  She is smarter and more resourceful than they can ever be.  It leads to feeling that Huntress is never in much danger…and without supervillains, suspense is about all you have.  Instead, Huntress easily walks from target to target and deals with them methodically with little risk to her life.  It isn’t that entertaining.

huntress #6 cover new 52

Huntress #6

The best part of the whole series probably is the last couple pages.  The identity of Helena is pretty vague, and Flashpoint created a big reset for the DC Universe (something DC frequently does).  You learns that Huntress is not only the original Huntress from Earth-2, but that she and Power Girl are working together.  It is a nice payoff that is too little too late however.

The art is solid which is good because the story banks on the art a lot.  With little plot development, the comic is a lot of fighting and Marcus To does a good job creating the fighting art…I just wish Levitz has created a more compelling story for him.

Huntress:  Crossbow at the Crossroads isn’t very inspiring.  The New 52 was pumping a lot of titles out when it launched (52 of course), but it already was dipping into additional miniseries like this one which felt like it was already straining readers’ wallets.  With so many titles (some of them good, some of them bad), Huntress:  Crossbow at the Crossroads wasn’t worth the time.  It leads into the slightly better Worlds’ Finest 1:  The Lost Daughters of Earth 2.

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