Hulk Visionaries: Peter David—Volume 6

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Comic Name:  Incredible Hulk (Volume 2)

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Peter David

Artist:  Dale Keown/Bill Jaaska

# of Issues:  10

Release Date:   2009


Incredible Hulk (2) #373

Reprints Incredible Hulk (2) #373-382 (September 1990-June 1991).  Bruce Banner battles the gray Hulk and green Hulk inside of him and faces a Skrull invasion.  When the battle within Banner grows true strong Doc Samson is called in to merge the different personalities inside Bruce into a new Hulk which leads Hulk to be targeted by an ancient group called the Pantheon.

Written by Peter David, Hulk Visionaries:  Peter David—Volume 6 is a Marvel Comics superhero collection.  The series features art by Dale Keown and Bill Jaaska.

Peter David really took control of the Hulk and worked to make it something different in his run.  Peter David continues develop his Hulk storyline and brings the first part of his story (the multiple Hulks) to an end while starting the second big storyline in the Pantheon.  The Pantheon story ran for a numbers of years and was relatively well received.

The first part of the book deals with the fun multiple personality storyline that Davis played with for many of his issues.  Even through the Joe Fixit storyline, the idea that Banner was fighting a losing battle was present.  The new Hulk was a big change for the series that always had Banner only gain his intelligence to immediately lose it again.  The new Hulk was a perfect Hulk that combined all the best parts of Banner and Hulk.  In the introduction to the Pantheon, Hulk first gets to flex his new abilities and an intelligent Hulk is something that is studied in the next several books in Hulk Visionaries:  Peter David collection.


Incredible Hulk (2) #377

The Pantheon is also something that really gets expanded upon in the series.  I never was a big Pantheon fan.  I kind of found them annoying, but Hulk always lack direction.  With Hulk’s intelligence intact, Hulk needed some source of guidance for his strength.  The Pantheon provided that direction he needed plus a large supporting cast for Peter David to play with.  The Pantheon gave the new Hulk a group of characters that at least had the potential of standing up to the Hulk if he went berserk.  It does throw a lot of characters at the reader really quickly and many of them are kind of generic looking so memorizing the nondescript Pantheon members can be a chore.

The Hulk goes through a lot of ups and downs throughout the David series and this volume collects some of the biggest changes for the character.  Like it or hate it, David did bring a change to an old character with a long background.  This really kicks off a big change in the title and a completely new direction.

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