Heroes Reborn: Captain America

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Comic Name: Heroes Reborn/Heroes Reborn:  Captain America

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Rob Liefeld/Chuck Dixon/James Robinson/Jeph Loeb

Artist:  Rob Liefeld/Joe Phillips/Joe Bennett/Al Rio

# of Issues: 13

Release Date: 2008

heroes reborn captain america #4 cover vs cable rob liefeld

Heroes Reborn: Captain America #4

Reprints Heroes Reborn #1/2 and Heroes Reborn:  Captain America #1-12 (November 1996-October 1997).  Steve Rogers thought he had a normal life with a family and job.  When he learns he is a sleeper agent and actually the war hero Captain America, Steve Rogers must take up the shield to help protect America from danger.  Teaming with a young girl calling herself Bucky and a man named Falcon, Captain America faces danger to protect not only the United States but the world!

Written by Rob Liefeld, Chuck Dixon, James Robinson, and Jeph Loeb, Heroes Reborn:  Captain America is a Marvel Comics event series that followed the Onslaught storyline.  The collection features art by Rob Liefeld, Joe Phillips, Joe Bennett, and Al Rio.  The issues in this volume were also included in Heroes Reborn Omnibus, Marvel Universe by Rob Liefeld Omnibus, and Captain America:  Evolutions of a Living Legend.  Not included in the collection is Heroes Reborn:  Captain America #13 which was part of an Image Comics crossover.

I read the Onslaught storyline and was interested what Marvel going to do when they “killed” all the heroes at the end of it.  Marvel took a page from Image and brought popular artists to present their most popular characters.  Heroes Reborn:  Captain America was the weakest of the lot.

heroes reborn captain america #5 cover rob liefeld art

Heroes Reborn: Captain America #5

The series doesn’t flow as well as a few of the other Heroes Reborn titles.  The collection includes battles with the Sons of the Serpent, Red Skull, and Galactus.  The Heroes Reborn series also featured the reforming of the Avengers and includes a few clunky crossover issues.  The Cable appearance is a fun issue since it provided “evidence” for the Earth-616 that the heroes were still alive.

What this volume is primarily known for is the Rob Liefeld art in the first issues few issues.  I never was that big of a Liefeld fan since all his characters were over-inked, always yelling, and suffering from the classic “Rob Liefeld can’t draw feet problems”.  In addition to this Liefeld just has some weird body distortion with characters being too tall and weird, unnatural body angles…it takes you out of the already rocky story.

Heroes Reborn was the relaunch of the series and it was meant to make a new Marvel Universe.  If the series had been a smashing success, I wonder what Marvel would have done and if they would have kept the experiment going longer.  Captain America was the worst of these relaunches…and thankfully Heroes Reborn:  The Return fixed this blip in Marvel history.

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