Hawkeye 2: Little Hits

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Comic Info

Comic Name:  Hawkeye (Volume 2)

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Matt Fraction

Artist:  David Aja/Francesco Francavilla/Steve Lieber/Jesse Hamm

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2013


Hawkeye (2) #9

Reprints Hawkeye (2) #6-11 (February 2013-August 2013).  Clint Barton has always had women problems, and they are just getting worse.  Be it his ex-wife Mockingbird, his ex-partner Black Widow, one of the other girls he’s dated, or his strained relationship with his young partner Kate Bishop who shares his name, it always seems to mean trouble for the Avenger.  Hawkeye’s there for the people of his apartment building however be it helping family during Hurricane Sandy or just cooking out…unfortunately being an Avenger can also mean danger for anyone associated with him.

Written by Matt Fraction, Hawkeye 2:  Little Hits is a follow-up to Hawkeye 1:  My Life as a Weapon.  It features art by the comic’s primary artist David Aja but also art from Francesco Francavilla, Steve Lieber, and Jesse Hamm.  The collection reprints Hawkeye (2) #7 (March 2013) out of order since it is a stand-alone issue about Hurricane Sandy with few ties to the bigger storyline.

I continue to love Hawkeye.  Matt Fraction has always been one of those iffy writers with me, but with both Hawkeye and FF being some of Marvel’s best titles now, I have to commend him for his skill to create a different type of comic in the Marvel Universe where I feel much of the comics have come derailed.


Hawkeye (2) #11

The story in this volume have a lot of variety.  I’m not big on “topical” issues like Hurricane Sandy, but Fraction does a good job setting up the comic in a way that really does tie in with the other issues (it introduces Grills’ father who plays into later stories).  The primary storyline involves Hawkeye’s women problems and the much touted “Pizza Dog” issue (Hawkeye (2) #11) sets up tons of event for future issues (Fraction’s smart “writing” has you unraveling the mysteries of what the dog “saw” for issues to come).

Hawkeye is also gifted by strong art (and great coloring by Matt Hollingsworth).  I love Aja’s style and composition.  It works great with Hawkeye’s writing and helps make the comic very readable (you actually have to often read it twice to pick up everything…that’s getting your money’s worth).  I love Francesco Francavilla, but Hawkeye (2) #7 did leave me wishing for Aja again.

Hawkeye 2:  Little Hits continues a great series that is a must by.  Though I have the individual issues, I can see myself buying the collections someday just because I enjoy the series.  As Hawkeye continues to truck along, it seems to be getting better…something that is always a challenge for comics.  Hawkeye 2:  Little Hits is followed by Hawkeye 3:  L.A. Woman.

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