Harbinger 2: Renegades

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7.5 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Art: 8/10

Strong story and art

Lots of stuff going on in the book, needs more character development

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Harbinger (Volume 2)

Publisher:  Valiant Comics

Writer:  Joshua Dysart

Artist:  Phil Briones/Matthew Clark/Khari Evans/Lee Garbett/Barry Kitson/Pere Perez

# of Issues:  5

Release Date:  2013


Harbinger (2) #8 Variant

Reprints Harbinger (2) #6-10 (November 2012-March 2013).  Peter, Kris, and Faith are on the run from Harbinger and Project Rising Spirit.  With Peter’s ability to turn on latent powers, Peter, Kris, and Faith realize they need to do a recruitment drive…finding new allies in a girl named Charlene Dupre and a boy named Jake Torkelson.  Project Rising Spirit is hot on Peter’s trail, and the Renegades must come together if they have any chance to defeat them.

Written by Joshua Dysart with art by Phil Briones, Matthew Clark, Khari Evans, Lee Garbett, Barry Kitson, and Pere Perez, Harbinger Volume 2:  Renegades is a Valiant Comics superhero collection.  The volume collects the second story arc of the Valiant relaunch of their Harbinger series.  Following Harbinger Volume 1:  Omega Rising, Harbinger 2:  Renegades continues the story and serves as a set-up for the cross-series event Harbinger Wars.

Of the new Valiant titles launch in the “Summer of Valiant” which began in 2012, Harbinger was definitely the meatiest of the titles.  While X-O Manowar was a space odyssey loaded with fighting, Archer & Armstrong took a comedic approach and Bloodshot read like an action movie, Harbinger often comes off as a much wordier comic.

The plot of Harbinger isn’t as straight forward as some of the other titles as well…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  With Harbinger, there are a lot of factions forming.  You have Project Rising Spirit (with Tull) and you have Harbinger (with Harada).  In addition to that you have the strange Monk and you have Peter’s group which comes to be known as the Renegades in this volume.  With all the groups, it is sometimes hard to keep clear who wants who for what, but thinking is good in this situation.


Harbinger #6-10 Composite Cover

Harbinger is also accompanied with some fun character.  Faith was a fan favorite from the original series and it is nice to see some solo action here.  In addition to Faith, Torque and Flamingo return in this volume.  The characters are just starting to develop here, but both Torque and Charlene need some expanded character here, and I worry that the comic is already getting too crowded to do the characters any justice.

Harbinger 2:  Renegades shows why Valiant is making a mark in the ever-changing comic book industry.  While both DC and Marvel struggle to find a new identity in the comic world, Valiant is combining good storytelling and art for a solid product.  Can the series use some work?  Yes, but it is fun to see it go through some baby-steps as it develops.  Harbinger 2:  Renegades is followed by Harbinger 3:  Harbinger Wars.

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