Harbinger 1: Omega Rising

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8.5 Overall Score
Story: 8/10
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Good jump on point for a fun series

A bit denser than some of the other Valiant's current series

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Harbinger (Volume 2)

Publisher:  Valiant Comics

Writer:  Joshua Dysart

Artist:  Khari Evans/Lewis LaRosa

# of Issues:  5

Release Date:  2013

harbinger #2 cover arturo lozzi art

Harbinger #2

Reprints Harbinger (2) #1-5 (June 2012-October 2012). Peter is gifted, but extremely troubled. He has mental powers that give him an advantage, but also make him a target. Peter and his friend are on the run from a corporate leader named Toyo Harada who is assembling superhumans for unknown means. When Peter is taken from and his old girlfriend Kris Hathaway, Peter finds him a cog in Harada’s plans. Now Peter must uncover Harada’s plans…and maybe start a revolution himself.

Written by Joshua Dysart, Harbinger 1: Omega Rising is the first collection of the second series in the relaunch of the Valiant universe. The series was met with positive reviews and has renewed interest in the old ’90s series along with much of the old Valiant line.

I am enjoying all of the new Valiant series, despite not being much of a Valiant reader during its heyday. Though popular, I was more of a Marvel reader at the time and rarely ventured out (even with the big Image boom). This series definitely doesn’t hinge on having read the old series, but having read this, I like many others, find myself seeking out the older back issues.

harbinger #4 cover variant faith doug brathwaite artThe older back issues are a definite plus for reading this since this is a reimagining of the original series. The comic uses much of the old Harbinger set-up and recreates the characters from the Harbinger series. In this series Toyo Harada, Peter Stanchek, Kris Hathaway, Amanda McKee, Faith Herbert, and others all return.  Dysart does a good job of making the characters not entirely likable or evil while still making you want to read…it is a bit unclear what is driving them.

Harbinger is backed up by strong art.  The characters have real depth and weight plus there are some really great covers to the issues. The owners of Valiant in turn are great about getting a lot of previews images out and getting people hyped about this series and others so if you read this and want more, it is out there.

Harbinger is probably the wordier series of the new Valiant relaunch. X-O Manowar and Bloodshot both focus on action and Archer & Armstrong plays heavy on comedy. Harbinger is the densest of the series and feels much more plot driven with a team focus…It is a good start to the series and a great jump on point for readers.  Harbinger 1:  Omega Rising is followed by Harbinger 2:  Renegades.

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