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6.5 Overall Score
Graphics: 5/10
Sound: 8/10
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New instruments, lots of songs

Not as smooth as Rock Band

Game Info

Game Name: Guitar Hero:  World Tour

Developer(s): Neversoft/Vicarious Visions/Aspyr Media

Publisher(s): Activision

Platform(s): PS3/XBox 360/Wii/PC

Genre(s): Music

Release Date(s): October 26, 2008 (PS3/XBox 360/Wii)/July 26, 2009 (PC)

ESRB Rating: T


I might have died at 27, but I’ll be forever playing these songs

The Gods of Rock have told to you continue to rock on…this time you can bring your friends and not only be a Guitar Hero, but a Drum Hero, Bass Hero, and a Vocal Hero.  The band just needs to continue to rock!

Guitar Hero:  World Tour is the Guitar Hero franchise’s first attempt to counter the wildly successful Rock BandRock Band’s release right after Guitar Hero III:  Legends of Rock really changed the simulated music market and provided a challenge by super-saturating the market.  Guitar Hero:  World Tour is facing an uphill market.

The most innovative part of Guitar Hero:  World Tour is probably the Music Studio which allows players to construct their own songs.  It is very difficult to make nice sounding songs however and probably not worth the hassle for most.  There are some fun downloadable songs created by other players, but many are just junk put up on the site for achievements.


Join Together with the Band!

Guitar Hero:  World Tour also faces the problem of asking players to buy more new instruments (in addition to instruments they might have already owned for Rock Band).  The instruments of Rock Band can work on World Tour but there are a few technical issues involved in getting them to really work together.

The challenge of Guitar Hero II and Guitar Hero III seems lessened for World Tour (although some of the last few songs are still quite difficult).  The music does have a bit more variety and some popular, fun songs, but then Guitar Hero deals with Tool forces you to play a whole set of Tool songs…If you don’t enjoy Tool this could be a push (and they are also some of the more difficult songs in the game).  It also contains the playable characters of Hayley Williams, Jimi Hendrix, Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde, Billy Corgan, Sting, Ted Nuget, and Travis Barker.

Guitar Hero:  World Tour Complete Songs Setlist:

“About a Girl”—Nirvana (Unplugged Live)

“Aggro”—The Enemy

“American Woman”—The Guess Who


“Are You Gonna Go My Way”—Lenny Kravitz


“B.Y.O.B.”—System of the Down

“Band on the Run”—Wings

“Beat It”—Michael Jackson

“Beautiful Disaster”—311

“Crazy Train”—Ozzy Osbourne


“Demolition Man”—Sting (Live)

“Do It Again”—Steely Dan

“Escuel de Calor”—Radio Futura

“Everlong”—Foo Fighters

“Eye of the Tiger”—Survivor

“Feel the Pain”—Dinosaur Jr.

“Float On”—Modest Mouse

“Freak on a Leash”—Korn

“Go Your Own Way”—Fleetwood Mac

“Good God”—Anouk

“Hail to the Freaks”—Beatsteaks

“Heartbreaker”—Pat Benatar

“Hey Man, Nice Shot”—Filter

“Hollywood Nights”—Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

“Hot for Teacher”—Van Halen

“Hotel California”—Eagles

“The Joker”—Steve Miller Band

“Kick Out the Jams”—MC5’s Wayne Kramer

“The Kill”—Thirty Seconds to Mars

“L’Viva L’Viaquez”—The Mars Volta

“La Bamba”—Los Lobos

“Lazy Eye”—Silversun Pickups

“Livin’ on a Prayer”—Bon Jovi

“Love Me Two Times”—The Doors

“Love Removal Machine”—The Cult

“Love Spreads”—The Stone Roses

“The Middle”—Jimmy Eat World

“Misery Business”—Paramore

“Monsoon”—Tokio Hotel

“Mountain Song”—Jane’s Addiction

“Mr. Crowley”—Ozzy Osbourne

“Never Too Late”—The Answer

“No Sleep Till Brooklyn”—Beastie Boys featuring Kerry King

“Nuvole E Lenzuola—Negramaro

“Obstacle 1”—Interpol

“On the Road Again”—Willie Nelson (Live)

“One Arm Scissor”—At the Drive-In

“The One I Love”—R.E.M.

“One Way or Another”—Blondie

“Our Truth”—Lacuna Coil



“Pretty Vacant”—Sex Pistols

“Prisoner of Society”—The Living End

“Pull Me Under”—Dream Theater

“Purple Haze”—The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Live)

“Ramblin’ Man”—The Allman Brothers Band

“Re-Education (Through Labor)”—Rise Against

“Rebel Yell”—Billy Idol

“Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)”—Lostprophets


“Satch Boogie”—Joe Satriani


“Scream Aim Fire”—Bullet for My Valentine


“Some Might Say”—Oasis

“Soul Doubt”—NOFX

“Spiderwebs”—No Doubt

“Stillborn”—Black Label Society

“Stranglehold”—Ted Nugent

“Sweet Home Alabama”—Lynyrd Skynyrd (Live)

“Ted Nugent Guitar Duel”—Ted Nugent

“Today”—Smashing Pumpkins

“Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast”—Airbourne

“Toy Boy”—Stuck in the Sound

“Trapped Under Ice”—Metallica

“Up Around the Bend”—Creedence Clearwater Revival



“Weapon of Choice”—Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

“What I’ve Done”—Linkin Park

“The Wind Cries Mary”—The Jimi Hendrix Experience

“You’re Gonna Say Yeah!”—HushPuppies

“Zakk Wylde Guitar Duel”—Zakk Wylde


Feel my mighty Sting!

Guitar Hero:  World Tour shows that Guitar Hero doesn’t quite get it.  The game is still clunky and just not as fun as the Rock Band format (even when you add in the new instraments).  Rock Band not only was able to use their format but nab more popular artists and really expanded on the downloadable market by providing even more (and transferable) songs.  Guitar Hero:  World Tour isn’t necessarily a bad game, but it isn’t Rock BandGuitar Hero:  World Tour was followed by Guitar Hero 5.

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