Green Lanterns 6: A World of Their Own

green lanterns volume 6 a world of our own cover trade paperback tpb
7.5 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Art: 7/10

Jessica and Simon are fun

The characters have largely worked through most of their problems

Comic Info

Comic Name: Green Lanterns

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Tim Seeley

Artist:  Ronan Cliquet/Carlos Barberi/Eduardo Pansica/German Peralta

# of Issues: 7

Release Date: 2018

green lanterns #33 cover jessica cruz simon baz variant

Green Lanterns #33 Variant

Reprints Green Lanterns #33-39 (December 2017-March 2018).  Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz continue to expand on their abilities as they face more challenges including living normal lives on Earth.  Whether trying to save a planet of aliens who don’t want to be saved from a collapsing star to finding themselves forced to help Bolphunga face off against a mysterious bailsman named Singularity Jain, the Green Lanterns discover their greatest challenge could be on Ungara where a secret uprising is growing…and the Lanterns could be the target!

Written by Tim Seeley, Green Lanterns Volume 6:  A World of Our Own is part of the DC Comics Rebirth imprint.  Following Green Lanterns Volume 5:  Out of Time, the collection features art by Ronan Cliquet, Carlos Barberi, Eduardo Pansica, and German Peralta and collects three storylines:  “Work Release” (Green Lanterns #33-34), “Oh, Bolphunga, Where Art Thou?” (Green Lanterns #35-36), and “A World of Our Own” (Green Lanterns #37-39).

I have always enjoyed Green Lantern and Green Lantern in all forms.  While Hal Jordan is “my Green Lantern” due to Super Friends!, I always liked that he had a supporting cast that could stand on their own…and Jessica and Simon have proven to be interesting Green Lanterns.

green lanterns #34 cover liseth simon baz review

Green Lanterns #34

By this point in the book, I feel like Jessica and Simon have worked through most of their personal problems.  Jessica’s anxiety seems to be in check for the most part and Simon has gotten past his anger and fear.  That was a large part of the first five volumes and now the Lanterns are just getting to be Lanterns.  The book becomes more of a sci-fi-fantasy book with alien races and Simon and Jessica being space-cops.  It has both advantages and disadvantages.

I do believe that the book is written how many comics should be written.  The stories are almost individual stand-alone issues and a lot happens in each book.  Within the three storylines, the story helps develop a larger story and gives both Jessica and Simon time to develop as characters.  The issues collect work both as three stories and as a whole…something that is rare in comics today who seem to be generally writing for collections (or the stories are incoherent due to big event stories).

Green Lanterns isn’t revolutionary, but it is a solid comic.  It feels a bit more like a throwback comic of the ’80s that is seeped with melodrama and action.  I like it for that reason.  The story continues to advance and the characters are rather traditional super-heroes in their actions (while having enough modern issues to feel relevant).  I wish more comics were like it.  Green Lanterns 6:  A World of Our Own is followed by Green Lanterns 7:  Human Superhuman Trafficking.

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