Green Lanterns 3: Polarity

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Comic Name:   Green Lanterns

Publisher:   DC Comics

Writer:   Sam Humphries

Artist:  Eduardo Pansica/Robson Rocha/Ronan Cliquet/Neil Edwards/Jay Leisten/Keith Champagne/Julio Ferreira/Tom Derenick/Miguel Mendonca/Scott Hanna/Daniel Henriques/Joe Prado

# of Issues:  7

Release Date:  2017

green lanterns #16 cover batman james harren art

Green Lanterns #16

Reprints Green Lanterns #15-21 (March 2017-June 2017).  Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz are continuing to adjust to their new life as Earth’s protectors.  Teaming with Batman in Gotham City, Simon learns a big lesson about his use of guns and a battle with Dr. Polaris in Gateway City could mean a new enemy for the Lanterns…but the secret hiding in Rami could be the biggest threat of all!

Written by Sam Humphries, Green Lanterns Volume 3:  Polarity is part of the DC Comics Rebirth series.  Following Green Lanterns Volume 2:  The Phantom Lantern, the volume features art by Eduardo Pansica, Robson Rocha, Ronan Cliquet, Neil Edwards, Jay Leisten, Keith Champagne, Julio Ferreira, Tom Derenick, Miguel Mendonca, Scott Hanna, Daniel Henriques, and Joe Prado.

The Green Lantern always seems like a more attainable character than DC’s big three (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman).  Everyone who has been a Lantern is pretty fallible (almost to a fault), but that makes for better storytelling in my opinion.  Humphries continues a very solid (but very comic book based) series.

The stories in Green Lanterns aren’t very revolutionary.  While Humphries is using two extremely rare characters for his leads (a Muslim American and a Hispanic woman), his stories aren’t that edgy…which might actually be the best thing to do.  All the other superheroes had their day where they could just be superheroes and it wasn’t usually about issues or race…it was them just fighting super-villains and saving the world.  It doesn’t always have to be about race, relationships, or politics, and I’m kind of glad that Humprhies is keeping that out of the comics for the moment.

green lanterns #20 cover simon baz jessica cruz rebirth

Green Lanterns #20

The collection features an obligatory Batman appearance.  It always seems forced when characters “team-up” and it does still feel pretty forced here.  I do like that they used the storyline to deal with Simon’s gun which was a continuing problem in the series and it is better that it is past (while also recognizing that something like Jessica’s anxiety is something that cannot be completely cured).

The Dr. Polaris storyline was rather blasé however, and I’ve never really enjoyed that villain.  It also adds to the pain in that there is a good story being set up in the Rami/Volthoom story that wasting time with Dr. Polaris seems like a detraction.  Despite this, the story does read quick and that is a blessing.

Green Lanterns 3:  Polarity continues to be a solid book in the DC Comics relaunch.  It isn’t anything groundbreaking but it tries to bring back some of the mundane fun of comic books.  I’d compare Humphries to Mark Waid who is a solid comic book writer but doesn’t really land any big punches…it is ok for now but hopefully Humphries will evolve as time goes on.  Green Lanterns 2:  Polaris is followed by Green Lanterns 4:  The First Ring.

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