Green Lantern 1: Sinestro

green lantern volume 1 sinestro cover new 52
7.5 Overall Score
Story: 8/10
Art: 7/10

Sinestro is fun

Don't care too much about the Guardians, wish there was more of a new feel to the series with the relaunch

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Green Lantern (Volume 5)

Publisher:  DC Comics

Writer:  Geoff Johns

Artist:  Doug Mahnke

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:   2012

green lantern #3 cover variant sinestro new 52

Green Lantern (4) #3

Reprints Green Lantern (5) #1-6 (November 2011-April 2012).  Hal Jordan has lost the right to be a member of the Green Lantern Corps, but to his shock, Sinestro still maintains his ring.  As Hal tries to rebuild his life, Sinestro comes to Hal with a proposition.  He will help him excel as a Green Lantern and stop the threat of the Yellow Lanterns known as the Sinestro Corps, but Hal will be at his control.  Meanwhile, the Guardians of the Universe are plotting their future and have plans for the Green Lantern Corps.

Written by Geoff Johns, Green Lantern Volume 1:  Sinestro is the first release of the New 52’s Green Lantern title following Flashpoint.  The series (like previous Green Lantern titles by Johns) was well received and the series was joined by other Green Lantern titles Green Lantern:  The New Guardians, Red Lanterns, and Green Lantern Corps (plus Green Lantern also appears as a regular in Justice League).  The collection features art by Doug Mahnke and follows Green Lantern: War of the Green Lanterns.

Opposed to many of the New 52, Green Lantern seems relatively unscathed by the reality rewrite from Flashpoint.  DC has said most of the events in Green Lantern’s recent years have still occurred.  This makes sense since Geoff wrote Flashpoint and the Green Lantern stories.  This is also weird since so much of things like The Brightest Day, Countdown and Final Crisis seem to have been eliminated or altered.

green lantern #6 cover sinestro new 52 dc

Green Lantern (4) #6

The idea of Sinestro as a hero is fun.  The rivalry between Hal and Sinestro has existed from almost the beginning and I would love to see him officially restored to being a hero.  Johns would open up a lot of story opportunities with the friendship between Hal and Sinestro and both seeking to make up for their past actions.  I hope that Sinestro’s turn as a Green Lantern isn’t short because I think it would be a great redemption story.

The Guardians storyline obviously is a much bigger storyline and probably is being set-up as a multi-collection series.  The plans for the Guardians to redo their Corps is ok, but it does feel done before.  I would rather have a bigger story with the Manhunters as the Guardians previous failure.  I don’t really care what the Guardians make to replace the Corps, but I am interested in how the Corps reacts.

Green Lantern Volume 1:  Sinestro is a good title, but instead of feeling “new”, it feels like more of the same.  Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman and the other titles of the New 52 do feel like a relaunch, and it would have been nice to possibly see this for Green Lantern since Hal history has become so muddled through events of his corruption, Zero Hour, and his rebirth as the Spectre.  Green Lantern Volume 1:  Sinestro is followed by Green Lantern Volume 2:  Revenge of the Black Hand.

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