Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War—Volume 2

green lantern the sinestro corps war volume 2 cover geoff johns ivan reis art
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Introduces the Emotional Color Spectrum Corps

Should be one volume with the previous volume

Comic Info

Comic Name: Green Lantern (Volume 4)/Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2)

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer:  Geoff Johns/Dave Gibbons/Peter J. Tomasi

Artist:  Patrick Gleason/Angel Unzueta/Ivan Reis/Pascal Alixe/Dustin Nguyen/Jamal Igle/Ethan Van Sciver

# of Issues: 6

Release Date:  2008

green lantern #24 cover ivan reis art

Green Lantern (4) #24

Reprints Green Lantern (4) #24-25 and Green Lantern Corps (2) #16-19 (November 2007-February 2008).  The Green Lantern Corps battles the Sinestro Corps and Ranx attack on Mogo to learn that the Sinestro Corps have another target in sight.  Kyle Rayner finds himself battling Parallax’s control, a new host for Ion is found, and the Green Lanterns learn that the Yellow Lanterns could be a sign of worse things to come.

Written by Geoff Johns, David Gibbons, and Peter J. Tomasi, The Sinestro Corps War—Volume 2 (also known as Green Lantern 5:  The Sinestro Corps War—Volume 2) follows Green Lantern:  The Sinestro Corps War—Volume 1 which reprinted Green Lantern #21-23, Green Lantern Corps (2) #14-15, Green Lantern:  Sinestro Corps Special #1 and completed the story which began there.

I don’t really understand why this book was split into two volumes.  Yes, it would be twelve issues, and it would have been pretty full.  In this volume, it seems a little sparse and divided into a weird grouping.  The first volume ends with Ranx’s attack on Mogo in quite a cliffhanger but that is resolved in a short issue.  The attack on Earth becomes the primary thrust of this story and it seems like the attack on Earth should have been the cliffhanger of volume 1…but that would have left this volume too short…hence one volume would have been better.

green lantern corps #16 cover dc comics sinestro corps war

Green Lantern Corps (2) #16

The big thing coming out of the Sinestro Corps War storyline is the official introduction of the other Corps.  In Green Lantern (4) #25, the Guardians reveal that not only are there Yellow Lanterns and Violet Lanterns (the Star Sapphire), but Blue Lanterns, Indigo Lanterns, Red Lanterns, and an Orange Lantern and as part of the emotional spectrums.  This plays big into the future issues of the Green Lantern and the Green Lanterns Corps and leads to the revelations of the Blackest Night.

Johns does a nice job in Green Lantern of really linking the issues as building a bigger story and it blends well with the story in the Green Lantern Corps.  He does this in a way that the comics are still enjoyable as individual issues but they also complete the bigger story.  Green Lantern comes off as a “big story” comic that ends up paying off as the Blackest Night.  I don’t think Johns nails every series, but he does well here.

The Green Lantern Sinestro War ends a good story arc.  It doesn’t feel like two separate comics, the art is strong, and the emotional spectrum is a pretty interesting concept.  It isn’t a book you can jump into however.  You need to find the older issues or collections to understand the story in this volume.  Green Lantern:  The Sinestro Corps War—Volume 2 is followed by Green Lantern:  Secret Origin.

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