Green Lantern: Revenge of the Green Lanterns

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Green Lantern teams up with Green Arrow and Batman

First two stories seem rushed to get to One Year Later

Comic Info

Comic Name: Green Lantern (Volume 4)

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist:   Ivan Reis

# of Issues: 7

Release Date:  2008

green lantern #9 cover variant batman

Green Lantern (4) #9 Variant

Reprints Green Lantern (4) #7-13 (February 2006-August 2006). The Justice League’s moon base has been attacked by Mongul and now Mongul is on Earth. Despite being the original Mongul’s son, Hal Jordan has unfinished business with Mongul who was behind the destruction of Coast City. When Green Lantern and Green Arrow confront him, they might have every dream come true. Hal finds himself teaming with Batman to stop a new Tattooed Man and trying to regain Batman’s trust. Plus “One-Year-Later”, Hal finds himself a former POW now struggling with a global super-hero crackdown. When Tomar-Tu shows up on Earth, he learns that the Green Lanterns he’s accused of killing might still be alive.

Written by Geoff Johns, Green Lantern:  Revenge of the Green Lanterns is also called Green Lantern 2: Revenge of the Green Lanterns.  Following Green Lantern:  No Fear, the book is split into three story arcs, the third taking place after DC’s massive “One Year Later” storyline which advanced all their comics a year after the events of Infinite Crisis.  The collection features art by Ivan Reis.

The first story with Green Arrow is a bit of a throwback to his old team-ups with Green Arrow in the 1970s and early 1980s. The team-up looks at both characters’ screwed up family relationships and also contrasts them with the relationship between Mongul and his sister (which turns out to be far worse). It would have been nice for this to be a longer story or have it start in the fantasy then reveal that Green Arrow and Green Lantern are the victims of Black Mercy.

green lantern #11 cover simone bianchi art

Green Lantern (4) #11

The Batman-Green Lantern story also is a long time coming but too short. It introduces the new Tattooed Man (who doesn’t pose much of a challenge) and ends with Hal and Bruce burying the hatchet. First, I don’t see Batman being so chummy at the end of the story (despite Hal showing him the power of his ring) and second it seems like it at least should have been a two issue story with some development, but I’m guessing Johns had to get the story in before the One Year Later relaunch.

The third story sets-up what happened to Hal during the missing year but also just completely undoes his murderous rampage while possessed by Parallax. It turns out the Manhunters saved almost all the important Green Lanterns that he killed (that was fortunate) including Arisia who was killed by Major Force (who really hates Green Lanterns to have girlfriends). It doesn’t really make much sense but allows for more redemption for Hal Jordan and a chance to mend his differences with the Green Lantern Corps.

Geoff Johns has a plan for Green Lantern and it is interesting to watch these plans develop. There is a recruit by the Sinestro Corps, plans for Superboy-Prime, and talk of the 52. When compared with Marvel, at least DC is doing a better job tying in their major stories in their universe…like them or not.  Green Lantern:  Revenge of the Green Lanterns is followed by Green Lantern:  Wanted:  Hal Jordan.

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