Green Lantern Corps 1: Fearsome

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Comic Name:   Green Lantern Corps (Volume 3)

Publisher:   DC Comics

Writer:   Peter J. Tomasi

Artist:   Fernando Pasarin

# of Issues:  7

Release Date:  2012

green lantern corps #3 cover ringslayers new 52

Green Lantern Corps (3) #3

Reprints Green Lantern Corps (3) #1-7 (November 2011-May 2012).  Guy Gardner and John Stewart have resigned themselves to living in the shadow of Hal Jordan even though Hal Jordan has been rejected as a Green Lantern.  When an unstoppable force begins targeting planets under the protection of the Green Lantern Corps, Guy and John find that there might be more to the Guardians past then they are telling people.  An unstoppable force called the Keepers is targeting the Green Lanterns and the Green Lanterns might not have enough willpower to stop them!

Written by Peter J. Tomasi, Green Lantern Corps Volume 1:  Fearsome is a cosmic storyline that is part of the DC New 52 relaunch following Flashpoint.  The series features art by Fernando Pasarin.

Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps are one of my favorite DC inventions.  While Geoff Johns’ massive Green Lantern storyline was pretty daunting, the New 52 provide a semi-fresh start.  Green Lantern Corps is a fun series loaded with potential that has yet to evolve in this collection.

To be upfront, there is nothing wrong with this volume but there is also nothing extraordinary.  If you read Green Lantern (or the previous Green Lantern Corps), the story feels rather in synch with the other stories.  Due to Johns’ involvement with the Green Lantern, Flashpoint left the Green Lantern storyline rather intact.  Events in Green Lantern continued after Flashpoint and Green Lantern Corps pretty much followed Green Lantern.  The only aspect of the story which seems to be affected by Flashpoint is Martian Manhunter’s involvement (and the fact that Guy doesn’t know him or his involvement with Stormwatch).

green lantern corps #6 cover new 52 andy kubert art guy gardner john stewart

Green Lantern Corps (3) #6

The story is rather standard fare.  The Green Lantern Corps faces a massive threat form a potentially galaxy killing entity…and they quash it.  John Stewart’s decision to kill a fellow Green Lantern to protect the Corps could have lasting effects and I do prefer the brash but not crazy Guy when compared to other representations of him.

The art for the series is also rather standard.  Fernando Pasarin is a solid artist for the series and his art for the character is in tune with the other representations of them.  There is nothing spectacular about the art, nor is there nothing bad.  In that sense, it is rather generic.

Green Lantern Corps feels a lot like a classic Green Lantern comic.  The series doesn’t push the boundaries but tells a rather typical and solid Green Lantern story.  The potential for this comic is immense, but previous incarnations of the story have kind of floundered so I always approach Green Lantern storylines with a bit of trepidation.  With a nice set-up, an expansive cast, and solid art, Green Lantern Corps has potential.  Green Lantern Corps 1:  Fearsome is followed by Green Lantern Corps 2:  Alpha War.

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