Grave Encounters 2 (2012)

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Liked some of the post-modern story aspects

Felt like rehash of the first one in its scares

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Movie Name:  Grave Encounters 2

Studio:  Arclight Films

Genre(s):  Horror

Release Date(s):  October 2, 2012

MPAA Rating:  Not Rated


I want to play!

Grave Encounters became a big hit, but film student Alex Wright (Richard Harmon) suspects there is more to the story.  With his fellow students and insider tips, Alex sets out to prove that Grave Encounters was actually a real film and that a cover-up has been initiated to keep the truth hidden.  Travelling to Collingwood Mental Hospital in Canada, Alex is filming a sequel that could be another blockbuster…but following in the footsteps of Sean Rogerson (Sean Rogerson) could mean death.

Directed by John Poliquin, Grave Encounters 2 is a found-footage horror film.  A sequel to Grave Encounters from 2011, the movie was poorly received by critics but made a rather strong showing due to its low budget.


You so crazy!!!

I thought Grave Encounters was a movie that somewhat missed the mark.  It had moments that were good, but for the most part, the movie felt like other found footage films.  Despite being panned by critics, I liked a lot of some of the improvements made to this film.

The story is a post-modern style movie.  Grave Encounters is a “fake” real movie within the story.  The movie features the alleged actors from Grave Encounters, but it also presents a cover-up of the real horror.  I like this aspect of the film, but I also think that the movie flounders in the last part of the movie with the phantom door, etc.  I was pleased that unlike most “found-footage” films that everyone doesn’t die.


Hey guy, gimme a hug!

Richard Harmon is a pretty weak lead as the overacting Alex Wright.  Sean Rogerson appears as himself (the lead of Grave Encounters) and has to play crazy.  He does a decent job and actually gives a better performance than he did in the first film.

The visuals also are a bit better, though they use the same tricks…the very same tricks.  The movie pretty much relies on the characters walking up on a ghost or getting ambushed by a ghost who has a funky mouth that screams.  It is effective as a scary visuals, but it is both overused and the same movie as the previous film.

Grave Encounters 2 feels a bit more original to me than Grave Encounters, but it also feels like rehash of the first movie.  I wish that the filmmakers had varied up the ghosts and picked a better twist than the door to nowhere idea.  The movie had potential and did have a strong ending.  The story is set-up for infinite sequels, but as of yet, Grave Encounters 3 has not materialized.

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