Gideon Falls 5: Wicked Worlds

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Comic Info

Comic Name:  Gideon Falls

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writer:  Jeff Lemire

Artist:  Andrea Sorrentino

# of Issues:  5

Release Date:  2020

gideon falls #22 cover black barn variant

Gideon Falls #22 Variant

Reprints Gideon Falls #22-26 (June 2020-October 2020).  The Black Barn has been destroyed…but the horror isn’t over.  Clara, Father Joe, Doc Sutton, and Xu find themselves separated and spread out amongst different versions of Gideon Falls.  As the Laughing Man moves in on every plane of existence, the travelers learn that all the dimensions are collapsing…and there might be nothing to stop it.

Written by Jeff Lemire, Gideon Falls Volume 5:  Wicked Worlds is an Image horror comic book collection.  Following Gideon Falls Volume 4:  The Pentoculus, the issues in the volume are illustrated by Andrea Sorrentino.

Gideon Falls was one of my blind buy discoveries.  I had heard it mentioned, and despite liking Jeff Lemire, I hadn’t really looked into it.  When looking for horror comics, I found Gideon Falls, and now the horror is coming to an end.

The last volume of Gideon Falls ended with a cliffhanger, and the “source” of evil destroyed…but here, that action might have actually been a mistake.  The Black Barn was housing the evil and with the evil unleashed, no Gideon Falls is safe.  Each character finds themselves trapped in a different version of the city of Gideon Falls, and it feels almost like an episode of the series Sliders.  Things are slightly different, but one constant is the Laughing Man who heralds death.

gideon falls #23 cover xu variant

Gideon Falls #23 Variant

In the sense of the multiple dimensions, Gideon Falls also crosses over into sci-fi territory.  It has a real Twilight Zone feel to it, but primarily The Twilight Zone episodes where horror is a key element.  Both the horror and the sci-fi are treated well and though parallel worlds can sometimes feel like gobbledygook, Lemire treats the concepts and ideas in a manner that you feel will either come together or won’t break the rules established in the comic.

The series in general faces nice art by Andrea Sorrentino, and it is also a series where the coloring by Dave Stewart enriches the art instead of potentially detracting from it.  The Laughing Man is rather terrifying and the look of the comic has a sense of doom hanging over all of it.

Gideon Falls is a fun ride, but it is also a ride that needs to wrap up.  Comics have a way of stringing readers along especially if they are popular in a fashion close to soap operas.  Gideon Falls recognizes that by extending and extending, it runs the risk of losing viewers, and you can feel that the crafted story is starting to wrap up.  Gideon Falls 5:  Wicked Worlds is followed by the final volume Gideon Falls 6:  The End.

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