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Sit back and let Zapp present you with “Futurama”!

Get your deliveries ready!  The Planet Express gang is back and making stops.  Bender turns into a were-car, parasites invade Fry and make him smart, Zoidberg goes Hollywood, Leela tries to protect penguins, and more!  The gang’s all here to serve you!

Futurama—Season 3 aired from November 5, 2000 to May 13, 2000 on FOX.  Like its sister-show The Simpsons, it continued to be well received and won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Individual in Animation “Parasite Lost” (Rodney Clouden) and nominated for Outstanding Animated Program for “Amazon Women in the Mood”.  The third season was collected in Futurama—Collection 2 and Futurama—Collection 3.


Fry…kickin’ it 20th century!

Futurama is one of those series that grows on you.  I watched most of the first season when it premiered but fell off on the show.  That was probably a mistake.  Now, however, it is fun to catch-up on a great series.

This season has some great episodes that range from extreme (like “The Honking”) to sentimental (like “Luck of the Fryrish”).  The writers keep a nice blend and the stories continue to be clever and build on stories from the past episodes.  You can expect Zap Brannigan and Kif to show up regularly, but it also isn’t gratuitous…it makes sense with the story.


The Globtrotters are here to challenge the world!!!

By the third season of the series, the characters are quite established so you have a real feel for their character.  This helps since this show is a feels a bit more character driven than The Simpsons and there seems to be a bit more continuation of plots involving the characters which is a bit more like a sitcom.

The animation for Futurama continues to be strong and the writing and animation lend itself to lots of in-jokes based on popular culture and science fiction.  The series often has little seen characters pop-up and appear so keep your eyes open.

Futurama—Season 3 continues to be fun so keep on trucking with the Planet Express team.  If you didn’t catch this series when it was airing stop by again to check it out.  It is worth a trip to the future.

Futurama—Season 3 Complete Episode Guide:


“The Honking”

3.1       The Honking Airdate:  11/05/00

Bender’s uncle Vladimir dies and Bender is left his castle…with the condition he spends a night there.  When Bender is run over by a car on the moors, Bender learns that he’s become a were-car and must hunt down the original cursed robot!


“War Is the H-Word”

3.2       War Is the H-Word Airdate:  11/26/00

Bender and Fry join the army to get a military discount but find themselves pulled into war upon signing.  When they meet the perfect soldier Lee Lemon, Fry and Bender discover Lee Lemon might be someone they know.  Bender, Fry, and Lee find themselves battling bouncing balls…leaving Fry to flee and Bender to be rushed to the local army hospital.


“The Cryonic Woman”

3.3       The Cryonic Woman Airdate:  12/03/00

Fry, Leela, and Bender are fired from Planet Express, and Fry and Bender get a job at the cryogenic place when Leela mixes their job chips.  Fry discovers his old girlfriend Michelle is among the frozen and is reunited with her.  Michelle decides she doesn’t fit in the future and convinces Fry to free himself for another thousand years.


“Parasites Lost”

3.4       Parasites Lost Airdate:  01/21/01

When Fry eats a sandwich from a space truck stop, Fry discovers parasites living within him.  Farnsworth, Zoidberg, Amy, Hermes, and Bender must secretly enter Fry’s body to eliminate the parasites…but Leela finds Fry might be better with the parasites.


“Amazon Women in the Mood”

3.5       Amazon Women in the Mood Airdate:  01/21/01

Amy finds herself getting obscene phone calls but doesn’t realize it is from Kif Kroken who has fallen in love with her.  When Zapp Brannigan learns about Kif’s crush, he arranges double dating with Amy and Leela.  Zapp crashes the restaurant into the planet, and Amy, Kip, Zap, and Leela are stranded on a planet of giant Amazons.  Zoidberg molts his shell and tries to find a new look.


“Bendless Love”

3.6       Bendless Love Airdate:  02/11/01

Bender is sleep bending and forced to leave Planet Express to satisfy his bending needs.  Bender works as a scab at a bending factory and meets a female robot named Angleyne.  Unfortunately for Bender, Angleyne might be involved with her ex-husband:  Flexo.


“The Day the Earth Stood Stupid”

3.7       The Day the Earth Stood Stupid Airdate:  02/18/01

Nibbler wins Dumbest Pet In Show at the pet competition.  When Earth is threatened by dangerous flying brains causing people to get dumber, Nibbler reveals his true intelligence to Leela.  As the Earth grows dumber from the Brain Spawn, Nibbler’s people find Fry could the solution to the problem.


“That’s Lobstertainment!”

3.8       That’s Lobstertainment! Airdate:  02/25/01

Zoidberg finds himself living in the shadow of his famous comedian uncle and seeks comedy help from him.  Harold Zoid believes Zoidberg is a rich doctor, and Zoidberg believes his uncle is still famous as they set out to make an Oscar winning drama…with humor.


“The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz

3.9       The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz Airdate:  03/04/01

Leela goes against Farnsworth’s order to join a protest against the towing of a dark-matter ship by Planet Express, and Farnsworth makes Bender the captain.  When Bender crashes the ship on Pluto because he isn’t drinking, a penguin habitat is in danger.  The dark matter causes the penguins to multiply, and the environmentalists must hunt them.


“The Luck of the Frysih”

3.10     The Luck of the Fryrish Airdate:  03/11/01

Fry finds he has no luck and wishes that he still had his seven leaf clover.  Fry decides he must venture into Old New York to find it.  When Fry finds the seven leaf clover missing, he learns his brother Yancy stole his clover for success.


“The Cyber House Rules”

3.11     The Cyber House Rules Airdate:  04/01/01

Leela is invited back to a reunion at her orphanage and decides to try to have eye surgery to get rid of her one eye.  Bender adopts children when he learns that he gets money from the government.

futurama-season-3-12-insane-in-the-mainframe-fry-straightjacket-nurse-ratchet3.12     Insane in the Mainframe Airdate:  04/08/01

After getting involved in a bank robbery with Roberto, Fry and Bender are thrown in a robot insane asylum…and Fry begins to believe that he is a robot.


“Bendin’ in the Wind”

3.13     Bendin’ in the Wind Airdate:  04/22/01

Bender is injured while trying to lift something and finds that he will never move again.  When he meets Beck in the hospital, Bender sees a future as a musician.  Meanwhile, crew of Planet Express decides to follow Beck and Bender in Fry’s newly discover VW bus.  When Bender heals, Bender wonders if he can go through with his Broken Robot fundraiser.


“Time Keeps on Slipping”

3.14     Time Keeps on Slipping Airdate:  05/01/01

When the Harlem Globetrotters arrive and challenge Earth’s reputation, Professor Farnsworth creates mutants to battle the Globetrotters.  When the time particles used by Farnsworth to accelerate mutants begins to make time go crazy, the time-skips must be stopped.


I Dated a Robot”

3.15     I Dated a Robot Airdate:  05/13/01

Fry sets out to do all the things he dreamed about doing in the future.  When he learns he can download a celebrity into a robot body, Fry begins to date Lucy Liu.

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