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Strong stories, different feel than The Simpsons

Hard to get used to different character after years of the Simpsons


Welcome to the Future!

Phillip J. Fry hates his life.  When he is accidentally cryogenically frozen and awakened on the eve of the year 3000, he finds his life has new direction.  Teamed with a one eyed alien named Leela and a robot named Bender, Fry sets out as a cosmic delivery man, but the future is no easier than the past, and Fry’s life continues to be a challenge.

Futurama was created by The Simpsons creator Matt Groening and premiered on FOX on March 28, 1999.  The series was met by mostly positive reviews and numbers but did not fare as well as The SimpsonsFuturama—Season 1 contained nine episodes and was collected with the first part of Futurama—Season 1 as Futurama—Volume 1.


It’s fun, but no Simpsons…

Having loved The Simpsons, I was really excited when Futurama was announced.  I rather expected it to be The Simpsons in the future like The Jetsons was The Flintstones…it wasn’t.  Now that the show is winding down (again), it is fun to go back and revisit this series for its own feel.

I think a lot of people (like me) expected Futurama simply to be The Simpsons again.  Instead, they found a more character driven storyline…with tons of humor, but in a bit of a different style than The Simpsons.  Here, the characters are still developing, but the earlier episodes are closer to the final episodes than The Simpsons when it kicked off.


Live long & prosper Futurama!

The art for Futurama is much like The Simpsons (with the Matt Groening designs), but it also incorporates more computer generated imagery.  It takes a while to get used to the character if you are very familiar with The Simpsons, but if you look back on first season Simpsons which were really rough, you realize that you can adjust to anything.

With The Simpsons so established, I feel this show gets judged a bit harsher both visually and with a story.  I personally didn’t stick with the series and have had fun watching it…it is almost like discovering episodes of The Simpsons you’ve never seen.  It might not be the same type of show, but it has the same heart.

Futurama—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:


“Space Pilot 3000”

1.1       Space Pilot 3000 Airdate:  03/28/99

Fry hates his girlfriend, his job as a pizza delivery guy, and his life.  When he is accidentally frozen, he wakes up on December 31, 2999.  On the run from Turanga Leela who wants to make him a delivery man again, Fry befriends a suicidal bender robot named Bender and their only hope could be his nephew descendant Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth and his spaceship.


“The Series Has Landed”

1.2       The Series Has Landed Airdate:  03/28/99

Bender, Leela, and Bender begin to work for Farnsworth’s delivery company and are joined by Dr. Zoldberg and Amy Wong.  Amy finds her job in jeopardy when she loses the ship’s keys, and Fry seeks to see the “real” moon with Leela as his hostage.


“I, Roommate”

1.3       I, Roommate Airdate:  04/06/99

When the rest of the workers grow tired of Fry living at the office, Fry and Bender decide to move in together at a new apartment.  When Bender is revealed to interfere with the apartment building’s cable, Fry must decide between Bender and the apartment.


“Loves Labours Lost in Space”

1.4       Love’s Labours Lost in Space Airdate:  04/13/99

Leela finds herself unable to connect to any men.  When she is seduced by a Zapp Brannigan, Leela tries to complete her assignment and regrets her decision.


“Fear of a Bot Planet”

1.5       Fear of a Bot Planet Airdate:  04/20/99

Bender grows tired of humans’ hatred of robots.  When Fry and Leela are forced into hiding during a delivery to a planet of robot killers, Bender must decide between the robots and his friends.


“A Fishful of Dollars”

1.6       A Fishful of Dollars Airdate:  04/27/99

Fry discovers that the money he had in his account when he has frozen has turned him into a millionaire.  When he outbids Mom for the last anchovies on Earth, he makes himself a target of Mom and her nefarious plans.


“My Three Suns”

1.7       My Three Suns Airdate:  05/04/99

When Fry makes a delivery to a desert planet, he accidentally ends up drinking the emperor of the planet.  Fry is made the new emperor, but Leela discovers that the emperors are always killed by assassins.


“A Big Piece of Garbage”

1.8       A Big Piece of Garbage Airdate:  05/11/99

After being humiliated at the science awards by his former student Professor Ogden Wernstrom, Farnsworth learns that a giant ball of garbage from Fry’s time is headed back to Earth…and Leela, Fry, and Bender must find a way to stop it!


“Hell Is Other Robots”

1.9       Hell Is Other Robots Airdate:  05/18/99

Bender becomes addicted to electricity and finds religion to save himself…but it ends up driving his friends crazy.  When Bender returns to his life of sin, the real secrets of his religion is revealed.

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