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San Francisco wants you back…even if you can’t afford it

The Fullers are back.  DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) has decided between Matt (John Brotherton) and Steve (Scott Weinger) but learns that it might not be that easy.  Jackson (Michael Campion) tries to woo Lola (Ashley Liao) as Ramona (Soni Bringas) tries to get a career in dancing.  Kimmy (Andrea Barber) gets closer to her fiancé/ex-husband when Fernando (Juan Pablo Di Pace) moves in.  Max (Elias Harger) tries to save the world and Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) finds potential new love…in Kimmy’s brother Jimmy (Adam Hagenbuch)!

Fuller House—Season 2 is a thirteen episode follow-up to the February 2016 Full House spin-off series.  The series was released on Netflix on December 9, 2016.

I wasn’t a fan of Full House, but due to a lack of cable, I saw a surprising amount of the series.  Suffering through each of the forced laughs and painfully set-up jokes was a challenge…and Fuller House carries on the tradition (even bringing back the original leads Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and John Stamos to give bad jokes again).

fuller house season 2 episode 4 curse of tanner manor i love lucy juan bablo di pace andrea barber

The kids have been demanding more “I Love Lucy” parodies…

Like the first season of the show, Fuller House—Season 2 realizes the popularity of nostalgia.  It recycles old jokes, goes into flashbacks (on occasion), and brings back old castmates (along with old favorites like New Kids on the Block).  It builds on a few storylines set-up in the first season with Kimmy and Fernando, DJ’s debate between Matt and Steve, and Jackson’s quest for Lola.  It is an odd combination of jokes that are too juvenile for people who grew up with the show and plots that probably don’t interest younger viewers (but with the ability to own the entire original series could change that for some).

The cast is still acting challenge.  I can’t necessary blame them because the writing is pretty weak.  I have seen John Stamos do decent stuff, and Bob Saget’s real stand-up is much better (and dirtier) than anything he ever did here…so that might just mean it is the script instead of the acting.

fuller house season 2 episode 10 new kids on the block hanging tough

NKOTB are still got the right stuff (minus Donnie)

The show does look the same and that does help the retro jokes.  The fact that they bring back things like the Pillow People and NKOTB does help the nostalgia factor.  It feels like an ’80s or ’90s sitcom…for better or worse.

Fuller House is mundane humor that passes time.  If it was a twenty+ episode season all at once I don’t think I could handle it, but in small doses, it is tolerable (at best).  The show probably needs to decide if it is about the adults or the kids because it is really unbalanced in that sense and it often feels like pandering, but it takes you back to simple sitcoms and easy laughs.  With so much junk going on right now, it is kind of nice to have something that feels like a comfortable shoe (even if it stinks a bit).

Fuller House—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:

fuller house season 2 episode 1 welcome back stephanie jimmy gibbler meet jodie sweetin adam hagenburch

“Welcome Back”

2.1       Welcome Back Release Date:  12/09/16

The summer’s over and the house is full again…and getting fuller when Fernando (Juan Pablo Di Pace) moves in.  DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) decides between Matt (John Brotherton) and Steve (Scott Weinger) but learns that they have a surprise for her.  Jackson (Michael Campion) learns that Lola (Ashley Liao) isn’t into him.  Max (Elias Harger) deals with a big summer project while Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) meets a potential love interest in Jimmy (Adam Hagenbuch)…Kimmy’s little brother.

fuller house season 2 episode 2 mom interference jackson football michael campion

“Mom Interference”

2.2       Mom Interference Release Date:  12/09/16

Jackson joins the football team to DJ’s surprise as she tries to deal with Steve and Matt’s new girlfriends CJ (Virginia Williams) and Crystal (Gianna DiDonato).  Crystal tries to hook DJ up with her grandfather Mike (Alan Thicke) while Stephanie and Jimmy find a cosmic alignment.

fuller house season 2 episode 3 ramonas not so epic first kiss papko isaak presley soni bringas

“Ramona’s Not-So-Epic First Kiss”

2.3       Ramona’s Not-So-Epic First Kiss Release Date:  12/09/16

Ramona (Soni Bringas) decides to get her first kiss out of the way with Bobby Papko (Isaak Presley), but Ramona decides she wants more.  DJ and Stephanie head out for a night on the town and decide to be wedding crashers…leading to an awkward “meet cute” with a guy named Sean (Lachlan Buchanan).

fuller house season 2 episode 4 curse of tanner manor zombie stephanie jimmy jodie sweetin adam hagenburch

“Curse of Tanner Manor”

2.4       Curse of Tanner Manor Release Date:  12/09/16

It’s Halloween, and DJ is trying to throw an ultimate Halloween party for the kids to cancel out the neighborhood reputation.  With Kimmy (Andrea Barber) planning the party, DJ learns that the kids would rather go out on their own.  Kimmy and Fernando’s plans to be Lucy and Ricky begin to copy the TV show.

fuller house season 2 episode 5 doggy daddy candic cameron bure john brotherton elias harger michael campion

“Doggy Daddy”

2.5       Doggy Daddy Release Date:  12/09/16

Max gets chickens for his sustainable farm, but Cosmo needs surgery when he swallows a corncob.  Stephanie finds herself a babysitter when Matt and DJ are forced to do the emergency operation.  Ramona auditions for a dance coach and finds babies and chickens have invaded the house while she tries to impress Giuseppa Pignoli (Bruno Tonioli).

fuller house season 2 episode 6 fuller thanksgiving cast2.6       Fuller Thanksgiving Release Date:  12/09/16

It is Thanksgiving, and DJ is amping up the holiday!  Danny (Bob Saget), Jesse (John Stamos), Becky (Lori Loughlin), and Joey (Dave Coulier) are coming by for the holiday and bringing their families…and arguments.

fuller house season 2 episode 7 girl talk band marla sokoloff candice cameron bure andrea barber jodie sweetin

“Girl Talk”

2.7       Girl Talk Release Date:  12/09/16

Stephanie, Kimmy, and DJ decide to get their band “Girl Talk” back together which means a return of Stephanie’s friend Gia (Marla Sokoloff).  Max finds his special project garden is destroyed by the chickens and Fernando could have the key to saving it.  Ramona finds a video of her has been put online and doesn’t know it is Papko’s creation.

fuller house season 2 episode 8 a tangled web max presentation elias harger

“A Tangled Web”

2.8       A Tangled Web Release Date:  12/09/16

Max is preparing for his big presentation on his sustainable garden, but DJ learns that Taylor (Lucas Jaye) and his father (Ryan Yu) are going to one-up him…leading to a desperate plan to make Max’s presentation the best.  Ramona and Jackson are tasked with watching Lola’s tarantula.  Stephanie and Jimmy make a music video but find online can be ruthless.

fuller house season 2 episode 9 glazed and confused jail cell cast

“Glazed and Confused”

2.9       Glazed & Confused Release Date:  12/09/16

Stephanie’s “Boy Next Door” video has become an internet sensation and Danny’s going to have her down to L.A. to have him on her show…but Jesse and Becky’s attempt to impress the adoption agent could ruin the day.  DJ and Matt are going on a date to wine country for the weekend…but bad glazed donuts from Joey could ruin the day.  Danny finds an unlikely guest host…Kimmy!

fuller house season 2 episode 10 new kids in the house nkotb new kids on the block

“New Kids in the House”

2.10     New Kids in the House Release Date:  12/09/16

DJ’s turning 39, and Kimmy helps DJ’s dream of a New Kids on the Block concert come true…but a screw up leads to potential disappointment.  When Kimmy and Stephanie have a back-up plan, a cracked tooth could be DJ’s undoing.

fuller house season 2 episode 11 dj and kimmys high school reunion photobooth candace cameron bure andrea barber

“DJ & Kimmy’s High School Reunion”

2.11     DJ & Kimmy’s High School Reunion Release Date:  12/09/16

DJ and Kimmy are going to their high school reunion, and DJ finds herself going solo when Matt is busy.  When Jackson comes home with all As, Max suspects something is amiss.

fuller house season 2 episode 12 nutcrackers kimmy gibbler ballet andrea barber


2.12     Nutcrackers Release Date:  12/09/16

Stephanie gets uncomfortable when Jimmy says the “l-word”.  DJ questions if she’s over Steve as he prepares to propose to CJ.  Max finds his true love in CJ’s daughter Rose.  Ramona worries she might lose Lola as her friend when she has to perform in The Nutcracker on Christmas Eve instead of going to her holiday party.

fuller season 2 episode 13 happy new year baby dj cj proposal virginia williams candance cameron bure

“Happy New Year Baby”

2.13     Happy New Year Baby Release Date:  12/09/16

New Year’s Eve has arrived and the Fullers are celebrating!  With Becky and Jesse bringing up Joey and Danny in anticipation of picking up their new baby, the house is preparing to kiss the year goodbye.  Steve has big plans for CJ but his involvement with DJ could cause a problem.  Plus, Jackson and his friends try to trick Max about the New Year celebration.

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