Friday the 13th: The Series—Season 1

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Stop by Curious Goods!65-

Curious Goods has a curious past.  Its owner Lewis Vendredi (R.G. Armstrong) had dealings with the Devil and peddled cursed goods.  When the Devil comes for Vendredi his relatives Micki (Louise Robey) and Ryan (John D. LeMay) inherit their uncle’s store.  Micki and Ryan are joined by antique hunter and occult expert Jack Marshak (Chris Wiggins) in trying to hunt down all of Vendredi’s cursed items before the kill and curse more people.

Friday the 13th:  The Series—Season 1 aired from September 28, 1987 to July 1988 in syndication.  The Canadian made horror-sci-fi series also went by the name The 13th Hour and Friday’s Curse but was titled Friday the 13th:  The Series to capitalize on the popularity of the Friday the 13th series.  The season received a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Graphic Design and Title Sequences.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 13 the barons bride vampire

One of the few monsters of the series

I’m not going to pretend Friday the 13th:  The Series is a great piece of art or even good, but I could watch it over and over again.  I have a soft spot for the series that aired late Saturday nights in my area in a time when if you didn’t have cable, you watched whatever horror you could.  Rewatching the series, I still see its cheesiness, but it also does have a style which resembles later series.

The show is creature of the week (or item of the week in this case).  The characters try to track down a curse item each week and the format is a lot like the early episodes of The X-Files (many say Warehouse 13 also used the same format).  The series however doesn’t have the classy nature of The X-Files and the plots are generally paper-thin with the occasionally clever or semi-scary or creepy episode.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 17 the electrocutioner micki big hair louise robey

It was the ’80s…big hair time!

The cast of the episodes are largely made up of Canadian/English actors.  The core three actors Louise Robey (just listed as Robey), John D. LeMay, and Chris Wiggins are all solid supporting actors but struggle to “lead” the show compellingly (Wiggins might be the exception, but he is basically support for the other actors).  The show does have a few guest-stars of note with Sarah Polley playing the little girl in the first episode, Ray Walston, Carrie Snodgress, John Stockwell, and Michael Constantine.

The show suffers from a really low budget, though I do admire what the makers tried to do in some of the episodes.  The effects are bad and it is very ’80s in look, sound, and style (they rely heavily on saxophone music).  It is notable that David Cronenberg stepped in to direct “Faith Healer”.

Friday the 13th:  The Series is awful in a lot of ways, but I still love it.  There certain episodes that stand out in my memory like the doll, the scarecrow, the cupid statue, and the compact and they are still fun.  Marvel Comics did a series called Darkhold in the ’90s which  thought resembled this series as welled and I always thought if you took the best parts of both series, you could get a decent series…but until then, Friday the 13th:  The Series will have to do (and I’m ok with that).

Friday the 13th:  The Series—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 1 the inheritence cursed doll sarah polley

“The Inheritance”

1.1       The Inheritance Airdate:  09/28/87

Micki Foster (Louise Robey) and Ryan Dallion (John D. LeMay) meet when they learn that they’ve inherited an antique store from their uncle Lewis Vendredi (R.G. Armstrong) whom they’ve never met.  After a blowout sale, Micki and Ryan meet Jack Marshak (Chris Wiggins) who reveals that the objects in the store held a curse…and Micki and Ryan must get them back!  The first up is a cursed doll that Micki and Ryan sold to a the parents of a little girl Mary (Sarah Polley)…but the doll kills!

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 2 the poison pen chris wiggins louise robey john d lemay

“The Poison Pen”

1.2       The Poison Pen Airdate:  10/05/87

Micki, Ryan, and Jack go undercover at a monastery to find a cursed pen that can curse those who are written about.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 3 cupids quiver cursed statue

“Cupid’s Quiver”

1.3       Cupid’s Quiver Airdate:  10/12/87

A cursed statue of Cupid has Micki and Ryan searching a local campus.  The Cupid statue the owner to have anyone he or she wants…but they also must kill them.


“A Cup of Time”

1.4       A Cup of Time Airdate:  10/19/87

A cursed tea-cup possesses “Swapper’s Ivy” which grants the owner eternal life…by sucking the life of the person drinking from it.  Micki, Ryan, and Jack find a rocker named Lady Die (Hilary Shepard) is using the cup for eternal youth.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 5 helloween lewis vendredi rg armstrong


1.5       Hellowe’en Airdate:  10/26/87

Curious Goods is hosting a Halloween party for the neighborhood, but something is unleashed.  Uncle Lewis (R.G. Vendredi) has come back and using the Amulet of Zohar, he intends to return to life.


“The Great Montarro”

1.6       The Great Montarro Airdate:  11/02/87

Jack, Micki, and Ryan learn a cursed magic device is being used in a magic contest…and the success of the trick means the death of an innocent.  Jack, Micki, and Ryan must infiltrate the competition and find out who the magician is.


“Doctor Jack”

1.7       Doctor Jack Airdate:  11/09/87

A cursed scalpel is at the hands of Doctor Vince Howlett (Cliff Gorman).  The scalpel might have been the property of Jack the Ripper and now continues to kill as Doctor Howlett’s fame increases.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 8 shadow boxer cursed boxing gloves

“Shadow Boxer”

1.8       Shadow Boxer Airdate:  11/21/87

Cursed boxing gloves guarantee a fighter’s victory…but unleash a shadow version of themselves which kills his enemies.  Down-and-out fighter Tommy Dunn (David Ferry) finds that the gloves could be the keys to his success.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 9 root of all evil cursed mulcher

“Root of All Evil”

1.9       Root of All Evil Airdate:  11/28/87

An antique mulcher is sought by Micki, Ryan, and Jack…when a body enters, money is ejected.  Jack, Ryan, and Micki must go undercover to find the cursed item before it is too late.


“Tales of the Undead”

1.10     Tales of the Undead Airdate:  01/25/88

A comic book turns its owner into Ferrus the Invincible…the comic of Ryan’s childhood.  When Ryan tracks down the creator Jay Star (Ray Walston) to stop the creature, he accidentally unleashes a killer desperate to reclaim his creation.



1.11     Scarecrow Airdate:  02/01/88

Micki and Ryan head to the countryside to track down an antique scarecrow.  Micki and Ryan find the scarecrow hunts its victims…but who controls the scarecrow?

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 12 faith healer glove

“Faith Healer”

1.12     Faith Healer Airdate:  02/08/88

A faith healer (Miguel Fernandes) finds that a glove can allow him to heal for real…but the diseases must go somewhere.  When Jack goes to his old friend Jerry (Robert A. Silverman) for help, Jack discovers curses are contagious.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 13 the barons bride cape louise robey

“The Baron’s Bride”

1.13     The Baron’s Bride Airdate:  02/15/88

A magical cape transports Micki and Ryan into 1875 London where they must locate the cape which turns its wearer into a vampire…and Micki might not be in her right mind.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 14 bedazzled cursed lantern alan jordan


1.14     Bedazzled Airdate:  02/22/88

Jack and Ryan reclaim a cursed lantern that shows its user where treasure but demands a sacrifice.  When the lantern’s owner Jonah (Alan Jordan) comes after the lantern when Micki is alone watching the store, Micki finds herself fighting for her life…while babysitting a friend’s kid named Richie (Gavin Magrath).

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 15 vanitys mirror ingrid veninger cursed compact

“Vanity’s Mirror”

1.15     Vanity’s Mirror Airdate:  02/29/88

Helen (Ingrid Veninger) finds a cursed compact that makes her the object of desire when she uses it on men…and the only cure is death.  When Jack, Ryan, and Micki try to get the compact back, death could follow.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 16 tattoo cursed needle


1.16     Tattoo Airdate:  03/07/88

Tommy Chen (Leonard Chow) is a young man on a losing streak.  When he finds cursed tattoo needles, Tommy believes it could cure his streak of bad luck, but Jack, Ryan, and Micki need to find the needles first.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 17 the electrocutioner cursed electric chair

“The Electrocutioner”

1.17     The Electrocutioner Airdate:  04/18/88

Eli Pittman (Angelo Rizacos) survives an electrocution at an electric chair and purchases the curse chair from Curious Goods.  Now, Micki, Ryan, and Jack must track down Pittman and the chair before he gets revenge on the people who killed him.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 18 brain drain chris wiggins denis forest

“Brain Drain”

1.18     Brain Drain Airdate:  04/25/88

A scientist who purchased a cursed trephanator is killed by a patient named Harry (Denis Forest) who is trying to gain intelligence…leading him to seek out more brains and intelligence.  Jack finds his former lover Dr. Viola (Carrie Snodgress) has joined the museum where the trephanator was stored, and Viola could be the next victim.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 19 the quilt of hathor louise robey kate trotter

“The Quilt of Hathor”

1.19     The Quilt of Hathor Airdate:  05/02/88

A cursed quilt infiltrates the Amish-like Penitites community.  Micki and Ryan go undercover among the Penitites to find the quilt.  When Ryan becomes infatuated with a betrothed woman named Laura (Carolyn Dunn), Ryan finds himself the target of the suspicions by the sect…but a woman named Effie Stokes (Kate Trotter) could hold the secret to the deaths.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 20 the quilt of hathor the awakening scott paulin

“The Quilt of Hathor: The Awa

1.20     The Quilt of Hathor:  The Awakening Airdate:  05/09/88

Ryan has decided to stay among the Penitites to be with Laura, but Jack and Micki discover that the quilt taken from Effie Stokes is a fake.  Ryan becomes a target of the Penitites when they suspect him of witchcraft.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 21 double exposure gary frank

“Double Exposure”

1.21     Double Exposure Airdate:  05/16/88

A new anchor named Winston Knight (Gary Frank) finds success when he is contacted by a serial killer while on air.  When Ryan sees the killer looks just like Winston, he becomes a target…and Winston’s use of a cursed camera could be the key.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 22 the pirates promise cursed foghorn

“The Pirate’s Promise”

1.22     The Pirate’s Promise Airdate:  06/27/88

Micki and Ryan travel to Whaler’s Point to find a cursed foghorn.  Joe Fenton (Cedric Smith) uses the foghorn to summon the spirit of Angus McBride.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 23 badge of honor cursed sheriff star

“Badge of Honor”

1.23     Badge of Honor Airdate:  07/05/88

Russ Sharko (Val Avery) gets a fellow officer killed in a failed raid.  A cursed sheriff’s badge could be the key to getting revenge on the criminals.  Micki’s former “friend” Tim (John Stockwell) comes for a visit, but Ryan discovers Tim has his own illegal plans that could cross Sharko.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 24 pipe dream cursed pipe michael constantine

“Pipe Dream”

1.24     Pipe Dream Airdate:  07/11/88

Ryan’s father Ray Dillion (Michael Constantine) comes in possession of a cursed pipe from Vendredi which helps him get ahead in business.  Ryan and Micki are invited to Ray’s wedding and Ryan and Micki realize that Ray is using a cursed object to get rich.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 25 what a mother wouldnt do cursed cradle titanic

“What a Mother Wouldn’t Do”

1.25     What a Mother Wouldn’t Do Airdate:  07/18/88

A mother learns that her daughter isn’t going to survive but a cursed cradle changes the diagnosis…only if people drown.  When Micki, Ryan, and Jack learn that the cradle was on the Titanic, they must find a way to retrieve it.

friday the 13th the series season 1 episode 26 bottle of dreams chris wiggins john d lemay louise robey

“Bottle of Dreams”

1.26     Bottle of Dreams Airdate:  07/25/88

A cursed urn is returned to Curious Goods and Micki and Ryan find themselves trapped in the vault as a result.  As the worst memories of their attempts to stopped cursed objects surface, Jack tries to find a way to free them.

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