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Movie Name: Freaky

Studio: Blumhouse Productions

Genre(s): Horror/Comedy

Release Date(s):  October 8, 2020 (Beyond Fest)/November 13, 2020 (US)

MPAA Rating: R

freaky kathryn newton mascot costume

I wish Vaughn had donned the Beaver costume for his murders…

The small town of Blissfield Valley has a serial killer that is slaughtering teens.  When the Blissfield Butcher (Vince Vaughn) steals a ceremonial ancient dagger called the La Dola, he finds he gets more than expected when he attacks teenager Millie Kessler (Kathryn Newton).  Millie and the Butcher have swapped places and the Blissfield Butcher is finding that the innocence of Millie makes up for her weaker body.  The Butcher plans to continue his ways a Millie tries to get her body back with the help of her friends Nyla (Celeste O’Connor) and Josh (Misha Osherovich)…but time is running out and things are getting freaky!

Written and directed by Christopher Landon (with additional scripting by Michael Kennedy), Freaky is a horror-comedy thriller.  The film received a theatrical release despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

freaky frozen girl

Flash freeze!

Body-swap movies never have been a favorite of mine.  Freaky takes its inspiration from Freaky Friday which I always found ho-hum…but the concept of Freaky and cast elevates it to a better movie.

The basic script is rather typical and that would be the biggest complaint.  While it is supposed to be a critique on slasher films, a lot of the slasher moments feel pretty standard.  With more and more movies casting different type of killers, the funny nature of seeing a teen girl slaughter people doesn’t have the effect it might have had thirty years ago, but the commentary and the gender identity questions are clever and smart.  It just has some hurdles to get by to discuss them.

What sells the movie is the cast.  I’m not even the biggest Vince Vaughn fan, but he’s good in this film.  He has the meaty role of playing a steely, big serial killer and a teenage girl adjusting to a male’s body.  A lot of the laughs are expected (ball-shots and questions about anatomy), but it still is fun.  Kathryn Newton has what could be seen as the easier role since it doesn’t feel like she’s imitating Vaughn as much as he inhabits her body…in fact, she gets away with stuff because she imitates a “high school girl”.  It still is smart acting on both actors however, but Vaughn’s turn gets more laughs.

freaky blissfield butcher vince vaughn millie kathryn newton

You don’t know what I did in your body…

The movie could do better with visuals.  It feels like it is kind of caught between the goofy comedy and the horror movie aspects in this sense.  The film opening ratchets up the hardcore slasher, but it feels like it peaks there (minus the table saw).  The whole knife set-up and body switch feels like it could have been cleverer, but the look and style makes it feel a bit more like a throwback.

Freaky is a fun entry, and like the similar Blumhouse Happy Death Day movies, it has a definite tone.  I just wish Freaky had pushed the craziness a bit farther (like Vaughn going full Nicolas Cage or something) and had some of the killings be bit cleverer.  Go into it for a light horror movie that is primarily there for the laughs instead of jumps…but do get Freaky.

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