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The Conchords go out with a bang

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flight of the conchords sugarlumps bret mckenzie jemaine clement

Some come for the music…some come for the sugarlumps

Flight of the Conchords (Jemaine Clement, Bret McKenzie) is back.  Murray (Rhys Darby) is now managing the successful Crazy Dogggz and Flight of the Conchords is striking out on their own.  When fate pushes Murray and Flight of the Conchords back together, they are out to make the fourth most popular folk band in New Zealand the number one folk band in America…if they can get more than Mel (Kristen Schaal) as their only fan.  When immigration learns about Flight of the Conchords’ plans, will they have something to say about it?

Flight of the Conchords second (and as of now final season) ran on HBO from January 2009 until March 2009 and continued to recieve critical acclaim.  The show received Primetime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series (“The Tough Brets”), Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics (“Carol Brown” and “Unnatural Love”), Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (Clement), Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Half-Hour Comedy or Drama Series (“Unnatural Love”), and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series (“Prime Minister”).

flight of the conchords season 2 episode 7 prime minister art garfunkle jemaine clement

I hate it when this happens…

I love Flight of the Conchords.  It is weird, fun, and with a nice catalogue of music from the band, the show always brings a nice soundtrack.  It would be easy to say this is a musical show, but the series is also deeper than that.

The series just works.  This season isn’t as fun as the first season but still is strong.  Bret and Jemaine just seem to really like what they are doing.  It comes out in songs like “Hurt Feelings” in “Tough Brets” which is a mock-up of Aimee Mann’s “Wise Up” from Magnolia…in sound and shooting style.

Though Jemaine Clement gets most of the attention critically, he would not work as well if he did not have Bret McKenzie as his wingman.  Both characters work in conjunction and are backed up by a nice supporting cast with Rhys Darby and the uber fan played by Kristen Schaal.

flight of the conchords season 2 episode 2 the new cup jemaine prostitute

Who doesn’t want some Jemaine?

The real stars of the show are the music videos which as mentioned generally take a style or even a specific song in mind when they are written and shot.  It is this reason that the show ended.  Both Bret and Jemaine allegedly felt they couldn’t keep the quality of the show up and wanted to end it strong.  It is a shame, but it was a really entertaining show with more room to explore.

Flight of the Conchords was a great series.  I hope after a few years, Bret and Jemaine might have another five to ten episodes built up in them and with the easy of things like Netflix and Amazon, if HBO does not want them back, there will always be a place for them.  Until then you will have to enjoy the two short seasons of Flight of Conchords…they are definitely worth it.

Flight of the Conchords—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:

flight of the conchords season 2 episode 1 a good opportunity femident toothpaste bret mckenzie jemaine clements

“A Good Opportunity”

2.1       A Good Opportunity Airdate:  01/18/09

With the success of Wild Dogggz, Bret (Bret McKenzie) and Jemaine (Jemaine Clement) decide to fire Murray (Rhys Darby).  Without Murray, Bret and Jermaine find a deal advertising feminine toothpaste but learn that they could be breaking the law.  Murray learns there could be trouble with Wild Dogggz that could ruin his future.  Features the songs “Rejected,” “Femident Toothpaste,” and “Angels”

flight of the conchords season 2 episode 2 the new cup bret jemaine review

“The New Cup”

2.2       The New Cup Airdate:  01/25/09

Bret’s reckless decision to buy his own cup leads to the Conchords losing their electricity, phone, and instruments.  With no money, Murray turns to the internet and a Nigerian for money while Jemaine and Bret decide to become prostitutes.  Features the songs “Sugarlumps” and “You Don’t Have to Be a Prostitute”

flight of the conchords season 2 episode 3 tough brets stay cool bret mckenzie

“Tough Brets”

2.3       Tough Brets Airdate:  02/01/09

When Bret disses rappers in a song, he decides he better form a gang to protect himself.  Murray finds himself being harassed by Australians.  Features the songs “Hurt Feelings,” “Hurt Feelings (Reprise),” and “Stay Cool”

flight of the conchords season 2 episode 4 murray takes it to the next level friends jim gaffigan bret mckenzie jemaine clement rhys darby

“Murray Takes It to the Next Level”

2.4       Murray Takes It to the Next Level Airdate:  02/08/09

Murray decides he has to be friends with Jemaine and Bret but conflict arises when Bret and Jemaine decide they don’t like Murray’s friend Jim (Jim Gaffigan).  Features the songs “Dreams” and “Friends”

flight of the conchords season 2 episode 5 unnatural love australian jemaine clements

“Unnatural Love”

2.5       Unnatural Love Airdate:  02/15/09

When Jemaine falls in love with an Australian (Sarah Wynter), Bret and Murray tell them that their love can never be.  Against all odds, Jemaine decides to keep seeing Keitha even if it costs him his friendships.  Features the songs “Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor” and “Carol Brown”

flight of the conchords season 2 episode 6 love is a weapon of choice jemaine clement bret mckenzie kristen wiig

“Love Is a Weapon of Choice”

2.6       Love Is a Weapon of Choice Airdate:  02/22/09

When Jemaine and Bret meet a woman named Brahbrah (Kristen Wiig), they both fall in love with her.  Bret and Jemaine set out to impress Brahbrah by helping her find her epileptic dog and Brahbrah starts dating them both.  Features the songs “We’re Both in Love with a Sexy Lady,” and “Love Is the Weapon of Choice,” and “Epileptic Dogs”

flight of the conchords season 2 episode 7 prime minister simon and garfunkle costumes

“Prime Minister”

2.7       Prime Minister Airdate:  03/01/09

The Prime Minister of New Zealand (Brian Sergent) has come to America and Murray is charged with showing him the United States.  With Brett and Jermaine serving as bodyguards, Murray decides he has to set up a meeting with President Obama no matter what.  Plus, Jemaine gets involved with a woman obsessed with Art Garfunkle.  Features the songs “Demon Woman” and “Oh, Dance, Baby”

flight of the conchords season 2 episode 8 newzealandtown hair gel bret mckenzie jemaine clement


2.8       NewZealandTown Airdate:  03/08/09

NewZealandTown is opening in New York and the Prime Minister of Zealand is there for it.  When the Prime Minister requests a cooler band than The Flight of the Conchords, Brett and Jemaine experiment with hair gel to make them cooler.  Features the song “Fashion Is Danger”

flight of the conchords season 2 episode 9 wingmen i told you i was freaky bret mckenzie jemaine clement


2.9       Wingmen Airdate:  03/15/09

Bret finds he’s in love with a pet store worker and asks Jemaine and Dave to help him get her as a girlfriend.  Murray also tries to win Greg (Frank Wood) back as his friend when he accuses him of stealing food at the office.  Features the songs “Rambling Through the Avenues of Time” and “I Told You I Was Freaky”

flight of the conchords season 1 episode 10 evicted broadway musical bret mckenzie jemaine clement


2.10     Evicted Airdate:  03/22/09

Bret and Jemaine are evicted by their landlord (Eugene Mirman) when he realizes they’ve been paying in New Zealand dollars.  Murray decides an off-Broadway musical is right for the Conchords and Mel and Doug offer them a place to stay.  When Doug and Mel decide separate, Brett and Jemaine learn that they are going to be split up.  The musical goes forward but might have some unexpected consequences.  Features the songs “Everyday Musical Sounds Montage,” “Petrov, Ylyena, and Me,” and “Flight of the Conchords:  The Broadway Musical”.

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