FF 1: Fantastic Faux

8.5 Overall Score
Story: 8/10
Art: 9/10

Love Allred's art

May be too fringe for the mainstream readers

Comic Info

Comic Name:  FF (Volume 2)

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Matt Fraction

Artist:  Mike Allred

# of Issues:  5

Release Date:  2013


FF (2) #5

Reprints FF (2) #4-8 (April 2013-August 2013).  The Fantastic Four are gone and Ant-Man, Medusa, She-Hulk, and Ms. Thing are trying to keep the Future Foundation running as they protect the Earth.  As Scott butts heads with Alex Powers over his practices, something appears to be wrong with Medusa.  Medusa finds herself in line with her old allies the Wizard and Blastaar as the fate of Bentley-23 hangs in the balance along with the rest of the FF.

Written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Mike Allred, FF Volume 1:  Fantastic Faux collects the second story arc of the Marvel Now relaunch of the FF series.  The first three issues of the series were collected with the first three issues of the Fantastic Four relaunch as Fantastic Four Volume 1:  New Departure, New Arrivals.

FF is a fun series.  I had read the previous incarnation of the team and like many long-time fans bummed by the constant relaunching of series was disappointed to hear that the series was going to end.  When I heard the creative team was Matt Fraction and Mike Allred, it did pique my interest since I have liked their work in the past.


FF (2) #6

Fraction does deliver in this series.  I have had some Matt Fraction issues in the past where I started out liking a series then found the writing went downhill, but with both FF and his Hawkeye series, I can find no faults.  The series is just fun and the characters are all developing nicely (they already had started distinguishing themselves in the first FF series).  Despite having tons of “dramatic” events occurring in the comic, it has a sense of lightness to it that makes it very enjoyable.

I love Mike Allred so when I saw he was doing an FF book, it didn’t matter what writer he was teamed with, I was going to buy it.  Reading FF, I’m curious how much input he has on the stories he illustrates because they all have a similar style.  His X-Statix with Peter Milligan had a close feel to this book so I wonder if he has a big say in the development…both series are fun and have a weird sense of humor that works with his art.

FF is a fun read and I hope it can survive in the competitive comic book market.  The stories are kind of twisted so younger readers might have problems following them, but they also seem to have a sense of childlike wonder that initially drew me to the comic book world.

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