Feast II: Sloppy Seconds (2008)

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2.5 Overall Score
Story: 2/10
Acting: 2/10
Visuals: 5/10

Over the top horror

Weak sequel to a weak movie

Movie Info

Movie Name:  Feast II:  Sloppy Seconds

Studio:  Dimension Extreme/Neo Art & Logic/LivePlanet

Genre(s):  Horror

Release Date(s):  September 19, 2008 (Austin Fantastic Fest)/October 7, 2008 (US)

MPAA Rating:  R

feast ii sloppy seconds monster

Eat up, good man…eat up

The monsters have spread from the bar to the town, and Biker Queen (Diana Ayala Goldner) attempt to avenge her twin sister leads her to take the Bartender (Clu Gulager) in order to finger the man responsible.  When Biker Queen and her gang discover the town overrun, they join car salesman Slasher (Carl Anthony Payne), his wife Secrets (Hanna Putnam), her lover Greg (Tom Gulager), and Mexican wrestlers Thunder (Martin Klebba) and Lightning (Juan Longoria Garcia) in trying to escape the beasts.  Honey Pie (Jenny Wade) has also escaped the horror of the bar, but the monsters are spreading…and they’re hungry.

Directed by John Gulager, Feast II:  Sloppy Seconds is a horror comedy monster movie.  A sequel to Feast from 2005, the film received poor reviews.

feast ii sloppy seconds baby sacrificed

You will believe that a baby can fly!!!

I was interested in Feast simply due to its ties to Project Greenlight.  Feast wasn’t very good, but it was sloppy and fun at points.  It did not leave me wanting more.  Feast II:  Sloppy Seconds is more of the same…but with even less fun.

The movie thinks more of itself than it really is.  The comedy comes from cleverly “named” nameless characters and doing the the opposite of what normally happens (like having people being extremely antiheroic…aka throwing a baby to get away from monsters).  The characters are made so unlikable and stupid that they garner no sympathy.  You just wish they’d die even faster.

The cast is largely character actors.  The movie’s biggest star is veteran actor Clu Gulager who survived the first film.  Clu is the father of the director who also used his brother Tom Gulager as Greg.  Tom Gulager’s infant son plays the sacrificial baby who quickly learns that life on Earth is tough (especially when it is overrun by monsters).

feast ii sloppy seconds thunder martin klebba killed

Oh no! I’m being attacked by something in a sleeve and my CGI guts are spilling out!

The movie is supposed to be a throwback to low budget horror movies and it is that.  The film has decent monsters, but they don’t use them well.  Even though the previous film looked kind of cheap, this movie looks even cheaper…which isn’t a good thing.

Feast is a franchise that never seemed to start and should have died with the first film.  I understand what they are trying to do with the throwback monster mash combined with the hipness of flashier newer films, but it just feels more like pandering and laziness instead of creative writing.  Don’t bother stopping by for this meal.  Feast II:  Sloppy Seconds is followed by Feast III:  The Happy Finish in 2009.

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