Fatale Book 2: The Devil’s Business

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Comic Info

Comic Name:  Fatale

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writer:  Ed Brubaker

Artist:  Sean Phillips

# of Issues:  5

Release Date:  2012


Fatale #6

Reprints Fatale #6-10 (June 2012-November 2012).  Nicolas Lash is determined to unwrap the mystery of the woman known as Josephine even if it kills him…and it could.  As Nicolas deals with mysterious men following him in the present day, in 1978 Los Angeles, an actor named Miles with only one unsuccessful movie is discovering Josephine as well.  When he finds his friend Suzy and a snuff film at the home of a cult called the Method Church, he stumbles upon something bigger than himself.  Befriending a mysterious woman named Josephine, Miles is about to discover that fame can come in many forms.

Written by Ed Brubaker and illustrated by Sean Phillips, Fatale Book 2:  The Devil’s Business follows Fatale Book 1:  Death Chases Me.  The noire-horror series continues to gain acclaim and awards with Eisner award nominations for Best New Series, Continuing Series, Best Writer, and Best Cover Art.

I’m a big fan of noire and I’m a big fan of horror.  Since Fatale is a combination of both, I guess I’m a big fan.  This volume of the series not only has the horror noire, but also has a bit of gothic horror with plotlines involving cults and sacrifice.  Overall, the series is a fun ride.

Fatale has a strange structure.  The story follows Josephine, but it also follows the people tied to her.  Here, Nicolas in present day has his first encounter with Josephine…in 1978.  1978 is where a bulk of the story takes place.  This book has primarily a new cast of characters, but also features the return of Josephine’s enemy in the form of a cult that is pursuing her.


Fatale #8

I have to say the 1978 story isn’t as interesting as the 1940s story of the previous volume.  I like the layering of the story and it has aspects that remind me of Scott Snyder’s American Vampire series with the time jumping.  I like the noire style and feel that the ’40s are a better setting for this piece due to Josephine’s femme fatale looks and style.  Though it isn’t as interesting, it still is a great read and a fun concept.

The story is backed up by fantastic art by Sean Phillips.  The lush covers give way to nice interior art that is great for comic.  It is heavy in light and shadows, but it isn’t over-inked where you can’t tell what is going on.

I have to say that Fatale keeps me guessing.  The series’ multiple storylines often don’t take you where you expect them to and lead you to a bunch of “Did that just happen?” moments.  I think I preferred the previous volume to this volume because there was a bit more horror, but the series continues to be strong.  Fatale Book 2:  The Devil’s Business is followed by Fatale Book 3:  West of Hell.

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