Fables 19: Snow White

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7.5 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
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Dramatic happenings signal future danger

Bufkin storyline snags the bigger storyline momentum

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Fables

Publisher:  DC Comics/Vertigo

Writer:  Bill Willingham

Artist:  Mark Buckingham/Shawn McManus

# of Issues:  15

Release Date:  2013

fables #124 cover bufkin

Fables #124

Reprints Fables #114-129 (April 2012-July 2013).  Oz in endanger, and the hero it needs could be…Bufkin the Winged-Monkey?  Plus, what happened in Fabletown while the cubs were away?  Bigby is out searching worlds for his missing children, but Snow White finds the return of her “first husband” Prince Brandish could lead to fatal consequences…and no one should ever cross Bigby.

Written by Bill Willingham, Fables Volume 19:  Snow White is a DC Comics fantasy title printed under the Vertigo imprint.  Following Fables 18:  Cubs in Toyland, the series features art by Mark Buckingham and Shawn McManus.  The collection has the back-up “A Revolution in Oz” stories from Fables #114 to Fables #124 (April 2012-February 2013) and issues of this volume were also collected as part of Fables Deluxe Edition—Volume 13.

I loved the Oz books when I was little, and I liked that Fables tapped in to them so frequently.  With this collection having a big Oz storyline included, I was excited, but I also found that Oz storyline was huge moment killer because Fables can always surprise.

fables #128 cover bigby wolf

Fables #128

This volume of Fables has both low and high stakes.  The collection is split into two parts.  The story of Bufkin and what happened to him after his return to Oz is pretty low stakes, but it also demonstrates that Fables is ending.  Bufkin’s story comes to an end and that feels more of a forewarning of what is to come.  Stories can and will start ending.

The second volume is high stakes.  It has Snow White (in classic comic book and soap opera fashion) find her first love Brandish returning and declaring Snow’s marriage and children with Bigby null and void.  This leads to an epic battle between Brandish and Bigby which has big consequences.  Fables often pulls off the cliffhanger ending, and Willingham smartly know when to extend or contract the drama.

Fables 19:  Snow White is not the most satisfying collection because of the split nature of the volume.  I love Oz, but I found myself reading through the Oz story out of obligation while really wanting to know what was up with Snow White.  It makes sense for reprint purposes, but it also feels like it sabotages the collection a little…but you’ll still be clamoring for the next volume with the other story.  Fables 19:  Snow White is followed by Fables 20:  Camelot.

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