Exiles 14: The New Exiles

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6.5 Overall Score
Story: 6/10
Art: 7/10

Fun characters

Characters really don't develop and aren't used well

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Exiles

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Tony Bedard

Artist:  Jim Calafiore/Paul Pelletier/Tom Rayney/Mike Norton/Tim Smith/David Nakayama

# of Issues:  7

Release Date:  2007


Exiles #84

Reprints Exiles #84-89 and Annual #1 (September 2006-February 2007). The Exiles learn that they have been fired from their jobs and replaced by a team of Wolverines from different worlds. When the Wolverines mission fails, the Time Breakers ask the Exiles to come back to save the day. The Exiles also find themselves in battle with the Silver Surfer and facing the original Exiles in a game of power.

Written by Tony Bedard and art by Jim Calafiore and Paul Pelletier with art by Tom Raney, Mike Norton, Tim Smith, and David Nakayama on Annual #1, Exiles Volume 14: The New Exiles continues collects essential four different storylines. The series had a strong fan base despite so-so reviews and criticisms.  This collection is also a part of Exiles:  Ultimate Collection—Book 5.

Following Exiles Volume 13: World Tour—Book 2, the Exiles’ stories continue to be very episodic. In an era of six issue storylines, there is something kind of refreshing about the two issues stories and stand-alones. Exiles almost feels like a throwback to ’80s team comics with a simpler plot and story structure. Despite the nice retro feel of the series, there is also something lost in the shortened stories that doesn’t allow for much character development.


Exiles #88

I’ve read Exiles up to this point, but Exiles doesn’t feel like it is really getting a shot to explore some really fun characters. The joy of Exiles is that they can have weird characters like Morph, Spider-Man 2099, Longshot, Blink, and Squadron Supreme’s Power Princess…unfortunately with the stories in this volume, you don’t get to really enjoy the characters and see any dimension to them. Storylines involving Morph (the whole Proteus thing) seem out of place here and don’t make much sense in you aren’t caught up with the rest of the series.

I generally like the art in Exiles. Pelletier and Calafiore don’t try to reinvent the wheel with the comic and just present solid art to go along with Bedard’s story. They tell the story in a very simplistic way that works for the type of stories. I much prefer their art to the art of the Annual which I think isn’t very distinctive at all.

As a fair weather fan of the Exiles, Exiles 14: The New Exiles left me a little bit empty for what I like about the Exiles. The very segmented stories is alright, but what makes Exiles are the Exiles combining with the fun dimensions they explore. The Exiles never really get to be characters in this volume, and I want to see the fun superheroes, so more stand-alone issues featuring some of them might be nice. Exiles 14: The New Exiles is followed by Exiles 15: Enemy of the Stars.

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