Essential Web of Spider-Man—Volume 1

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Fun Spider-Man period

Not as good as Marvel Team-Up

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Web of Spider-Man (Volume 1)/Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 1)

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Louise Simonson/Danny Fingeroth/Tom Defalco/Peter David/Dave Michelinie/Ann Nocenti/Bill Mantlo

Artist:  Greg Larocque/Ji Mooney/Mike Harris/Ron Frenz/Sal Buscema/Geof Isherwood/Tony Salmons/Mike Harris/Marc Silvestri/Arthur Adams/Mike Mignola

# of Issues:  21

Release Date:  2011


Web of Spider-Man (1) #1

Reprints Web of Spider-Man (1) #1-18, Annual #1-2 and Amazing Spider-Man (1) #268 (April 1985-September 1986).  Peter Parker finds his alien costume is alive and slowly killing him…and that are just the start of his problems.  Peter deals with money woes, being the target of a gang, and goes missing after being caught in an explosion…and it is all in a day’s work for the Web-Slinger.  Being Spider-Man is hard, and Peter is up to the challenge!

Written by Louise Simonson, Danny Fingeroth, Tom Defalco, Peter David, Dave Michelinie, Ann Nocenti, and Bill Mantlo, Essential Web of Spider-Man—Volume 1 is a Marvel Comics superhero comic.  Featuring art by Greg Larocque, Ji Mooney, Mike Harris, Ron Frenz, Sal Buscema, Geof Isherwood, Tony Salmons, Mike Harris, Marc Silvestri, Arthur Adams, and Mike Mignola, the comic replaced the previous Spider-Man series Marvel Team-Up which ended with Marvel Team-Up (1) #150 (March 1985).  Like all of Marvel Essential line, the issues were printed in black and white.

I loved Marvel Team-Up.  I liked when weird, obscure characters got highlighted, and I loved the single issue adventures of Marvel Team-Up…it was the only place where Spider-Man could team with Satana for an issue and then hook-up with Doc Samson.  Web of Spider-Man was a good comic but I miss the old comic.


Web of Spider-Man (1) #13

The comic feels like more of the same for readers of Amazing Spider-Man (or Spectacular Spider-Man).  While this could be a problem, this is also a very solid period of the Spider-Man comics.  Unlike current comics, events in the other Spider titles did effect events here, but you also could just read Web of Spider-Man and generally follow the story.  The stories in Web of Spider-Man seemed to favor Peter’s life a bit more than Amazing Spider-Man, but Spider-Man was always Peter heavy (and that is what made the comic).

The artists in the volume also are some of my favorite artists.  The stories were pre-Image and most of the artists strived for stylistic consistency.  There are a lot of artists working on this volume but if you just flip through it, the art is relatively standard comic art.  Once again, this could be seen as a weakness, but it does work her to make some classic ’80s comics.

Web of Spider-Man was starting when I was starting to read comics.  Web of Spider-Man #2 was one of my early comics and I can remember reading it over and over again.  I have a soft spot for this title, but I do think it holds up (especially when compared to the mess that is Spider-Man today).  If you’ve read all of Amazing Spider-Man’s early adventures swing on by Web of Spider-Man for more fun!

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