Enter the Dragon (1973)

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Movie Name: Enter the Dragon

Studio: Warner Bros.

Genre(s): Martial Arts/Action/Adventure

Release Date(s): July 26, 1973

MPAA Rating: R


I’m about to go Kung Fu Hustle on your Ass

Lee (Bruce Lee) is contacted by the U. S. government to infiltrate a secret competition on an island run by a terrorist named Han (Shih Kien).  Lee meets other contestants in Williams (Jim Kelly) and playboy Roper (John Saxon).  Lee, Han, and Roper set out to win the competition, but for Lee it is personal, and he intends to bring Han to justice.

Directed by Robert Clouse, Enter the Dragon (or 龍爭虎鬥) was Bruce Lee’s final completed film before his death and released just after it.  The movie has gone on to have a cult following and became a major influence on other films of the genre.  The film was well received by critics and selected by the Library of Congress for preservation in the National Film Registry.

Enter the Dragon is the epitamy of martial arts action.  It has everything you expect from a martial arts movie (including Bruce Lee).  There are over-the-top villains, evil henchmen, a no-holds bar competition, drug smuggling, a family vendetta, and tons and tons of fighting.  Enter the Dragon has a ton of stereotypes, but it is those blatant stereotypes that help to make it fun.  It is also notable that Jackie Chan makes a small cameo in the movie.  He is killed by Bruce Lee in the underground lair…blink and you’ll miss him.


I never knew I had a mole there! Mirrors rock!

The movie shows why Bruce Lee is a star.  He has so much style in his fight.  It is easy to make fun of his animated nature, but the guy could kick butt.  His final fight with Han in the mirrored chamber is classic and so well shot.  It is a shame that he died so young, but also it would have been sad to see him age and lose his talent.

It helps that Lee is backed up by two very different fighters in Saxon and Kelly.  The movie uses them as a balance.  They are both more brawlers and less fluid in their actions.  Saxon is pretty rough, but Kelly does a nice job falling between Saxon and Lee.  It is fun to see them fight to contrast them to Lee’s style.


I totally think that Lee guy would kick our butt…I’ll place the bets and you fight him Washington

Enter the Dragon is one of those films that lives up to the hype.  I love how the film looks, and it plays like a James Bond film at times (and honestly better than many of them).  The movie has had a large effect on the culture that can be seen from Bruce Lee’s simple popularity to video games like Mortal Kombat that borrow from its plot.  It can also be watched over and over again.  It might be light on plot but it is full on action.

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