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7.5 Overall Score
Graphics: 6/10
Sounds: 8/10
Controls: 9/10

Great use of Wii controls

Average graphics, repetative

Game Info

Game Name: Elebits

Developer(s): Konami Digital Entertainment

Publisher(s): Konami

Platform(s): Wii

Genre(s): Action/Adventure/First Person Shooter

Release Date(s): December 12, 2006

ESRB Rating: E


My TV is crapping Elebits…Yeah!

The Elebits live among us…powering out appliances and machines.  After a thunderstorm, the Elebits hide and a blackout occurs.  Kai’s parents (who research the Elebits), set out to study the disappearance leaving Kai alone.  Now it is up to Kai to gather the Elebits using his father’s Capture Gun and restore the power to the city.

Produced by Konami, Elebits (エレビッツ or Erebittsu) is a Wii adventure game.  It was generally received positively by critics.

Elebits is one of those out & out weird games that you have to ask what they were thinking.  The game however works.  The controls utilize the Wii controls perfectly.  If a Wii controller can be manipulated in a specific way, Elebits does it:  open doors, picking up things, and shaking out Elebits from all their hiding places.  The makers of the game did a great job for a game released so early in the system’s days.


All my friends can catch Elebits too!

Sometimes, this can get very intense and a time limit really can work against you.  A number of levels you easily get to your Elebit limit and have a bit more time to explore and “shake” out more Elebits.  Other levels, you’ll be rushing the clock and barely will reach it.  The levels do get progressively more difficult, but occasionally, you’ll hit a random level that will cause some problems.  Some levels have to be completed while making minimal noise, other levels limit the amount of destruction that is acceptable, and throughout the game, your Capture Gun gets more and more powerful.  Fortunately, there are different power-ups hidden throughout the game that aid in your quest to wrangle more Elebits.


The Elebits make it hard to work

The story mode sometimes can drag and it is always exciting when a new area is opened because you are usually pretty tired of the area by the time you get to move on.  A head-to-head multiplayer mode is available and there is also an edit mode which allows you to create and save your own levels.

Elebits is a creative and fun game and worth picking up for a low price.  The controls are the big plus for the game and it has some fun puzzle aspects.  If you finished playing Wii Sport and want to see the potential of the Wii can do, this was a great title add to your collection.  to pick up for some all-ages fun.  Despite relative success, Elebits did not seem to create much of a stir.  A sequel to the game Elebits:  The Adventures of Kai and Zero was released for the DS, but it eliminated many of the innovative aspects of the game.

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