Earth 2 3: Battle Cry

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8.0 Overall Score
Story: 8/10
Art: 8/10

Great characters, different than most of DC's series

A little uneven due to Villains' month

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Earth 2

Publisher:  DC Comics

Writer:  James Robinson/Paul Levitz

Artist:  Nicola Scott Yildiray Cinar/Cafu/Julius Gopez

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2014


Earth 2 #13

Reprints Earth 2 #13-16, #15.1, and Annual #1 (July 2013-December 2013).  The Wonders are trying to repair their battered image and Steppenwolf’s takeover of Dherain could be the perfect opportunity.  As Green Lantern, the Flash, and Dr. Fate battle Steppenwolf’s forces with the World Army led by Sand and Atom, Captain Steel investigates mysterious disappearances around the fire pit in Rio de Janeiro, and Hawkgirl tries to find out why Alan’s lover Sam Zhao has ties to Apokolips.  A mysterious figure resembling Batman has resurfaced and along with Batman’s return comes a danger that could change the course of the Wonders’ lives forever!

Written by James Robinson (with Paul Levitz writing Earth 2 #15.1), Earth 2 Volume 3:  Battle Cry represents the end of Robinson’s run on the series.  Following Earth 2 Volume 2:  The Tower of Fate, Earth 2 3:  Battle Cry contains DC’s special Villains’ Month issue Earth 2 #15.1 Desaad but does not contain Earth 2 #15.2 Solomon Grundy.

I really enjoy Earth 2 because it feels like a real throwback to DC’s pre-Crisis on Infinite Earth’s world.  It is completely different than the Earth of all the mainstream DC titles and in making it a different world, the series is able to take more liberties with traditional characters.


Earth 2 #15.1

This volume does have problems however.  The book (like most of DC’s comics) lost all momentum and suffered the stand alone issues Villains’ Month issue which fell between the big battle between the Wonders and Steppenwolf’s agents…it totally through off all the flow if you read the issues individually as I did (here the Desaad story comes at the end)…and to put out two extra issues is asking a lot of readers when the comic book market is so tight as it is.

I do like the re-introduction of Batman in this volume.  The little cameos in this volume do raise enough interest that it makes you want to read on and figure out what is going on (since Batman was allegedly killed).  Though Robinson doesn’t explore it Tom Taylor does a good job fleshing it out.

Earth 2 was Robinson’s baby and it was a surprise when he decided to leave.  Though it was never really discussed, many felt that Earth 2 would crumble without Robinson.  Robinson does a nice job, though some aspects of this volume are sloppy.  Surprisingly, Robinson is topped next volume by Tom Taylor who proves that he is a great replacement.  Earth 2 3:  Battle Cry is followed by Earth 2 4:  The Dark Age.

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