Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest Book 4: Return to Brookmere

dungeons and dragons endless quest book 4 return to brookmere cover review rose estes
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Book Title:  Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest Book 4:  Return to Brookmere

Publisher:  TSR Hobbies Inc.

Writer:  Rose Estes

Artist:  Jim Holloway

Release Date:  June 1982


Trust the ogre or not?

A young elven fighter named Brion has a mission.  He must return to his home of Brookmere where he and his family were forced to flee after an invading force.  Brookmere is filled with monsters and horrible creatures and death lurks around every corner.  Brion must find his way through the kingdom he knew as a young and find the means to destroy the evil forces that are building there.

Written by Rose Estes with illustrations by Timothy Truman, Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest Book 4:  Return to Brookmere was TSR’s equivalent to the popular Choose-Your-Own Adventure series by Bantam Books.  Following Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest Book 3:  Pillars of Pentegarn, the series was often collected with other volumes.

I received the first collection of Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest books as a Christmas gift I believe.  The four short novels were meant as a game that allowed the reader to have multiple means to work through the book therefore increasing its “readability”.  Of the first four books, I remember this book to be my least favorite.


I want a giant ferret!!!

As a kid, I think I disliked this volume simply because it is a bit tougher than the other volumes which had a more clean cut direction to the story.  Choosing the “correct” path through Brookmere was a bit more difficult than the other volumes, and the story seemed a bit redundant to the other stories.

What did always keep me coming back to the Dungeons & Dragons books was the fun artwork.  I always loved the cover art work (here provided by Larry Elmore), but the interior art made you want to read through the book and get the various endings.  If you skimmed through the books, you wanted to see how all the weird pictures fit into the story.  You have fun things like giant ferrets and rat men…it is still a fun book to look through for fans of fantasy.

The Endless Quest Books are fun and you should pick them up if you ever see them (there is collectible market with some of the titles).  Having revisited the books recently, I have a bit of an itch to continue to visit the land of Dungeons & Dragons for adventures so seeking out other titles might mean a trip to eBay.  Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest Book 4:  Return to Brookmere is followed by Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest Book 5:  Revolt of the Dwarves.

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2 Comments on "Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest Book 4: Return to Brookmere"

  1. ashimbabbar September 2, 2019 at 10:09 am - Reply

    A far too kiddified tone and far too easy – you basically can’t lose once you’ve crossed the halfway mark. The head bad guy is good but nothing is done with him. An interesting idea and setting wasted.

    • JPRoscoe September 2, 2019 at 2:05 pm - Reply

      I had a hard time getting through this one as a kid…it felt like there were a lot of roadblocks near the beginning.

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