Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest Book 3: Pillars of Pentegarn

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Book Title:  Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest Book 3:  Pillars of Pentegarn

Publisher:  TSR Hobbies Inc.

Writer:  Rose Estes

Artist:  Harry J. Quinn

Release Date:  June 1982


Jaimie is a friend to everyone!

Jaimie has no fear of the mysterious forest that borders his village and a love the animals that live within it.  When Jaimie learns a group led by a wizard named Pentegarn heading into the remains of Castle Pendegarn to reclaim the kingdom, Jaimie finds himself joining the warrior Baltek, the thief Lydia, and Pentegarn to try to brave the dungeons of the fallen kingdom…and could discover a secret about his past!

Written by Rose Estes with illustrations by Harry J. Quinn, Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest Book 3:  Pillars of Pentegarn is part of Dungeons & Dragons attempt to gain on the popularity of the Choose Your Own Adventure series.  Following Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest Book 2:  Mountain of Mirrors, the books were often collected in multipacks.

When the books were rather new and I was a young reader, I got a four pack of the first four Endless Quest Books a birthday or Christmas.  Filled with creepy pictures and scary stories, the books were fun, but this book in particular was my favorite book to “play” and I read it multiple times…a rereading however is not as favorable.


This lady scared the crap out of me as a kid

I think the reason I enjoyed Pillars of Pentegarn is that it was a bit simpler to navigate than some of the other books in the collection.  Both Pillars of Pentegarn and Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest Book 1:  Dungeon of Dread were the simpler stories.  I found the “good” ending a lot easier than the other books.  This volume of the series however had some more gruesome endings that were fun to read as well.  Now, the obvious choices seem a bit lazy and definitely aimed at the younger readers of the series.

I also loved the illustrations of this volume.  I would often “read” the book in the way that I would try to get to the parts of the story with the best pictures.  In particular, there is an image of the thief Lydia as a skeleton that always freaked me out and stuck with me.

The Endless Quest series is for kids, but if you grew up with them they are fun to revisit.  The memories however outshine the actual books and they are simply a novelty now.  Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest Book 3:  Pillars of Pentegarn is followed by Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest Book 4:  Return to Brookmere.

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