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Great return of one of the NES's best games of all time

Too many cut scenes that you have to exit out of to avoid

Game Info

Game Name:  DuckTales:  Remastered

Developer(s):  WayForward Technologies

Publisher(s):  Capcom

Platform(s):  PS3/Xbox 360/Wii U/PC

Genre(s):  Platformer

Release Date(s):  August 13, 2013 (PS3/PC/Wii U)/September 11, 2013 (Xbox 360)

ESRB Rating:  E


Oh Magica…you so crazy!!!

Life is like a hurricane…here in Duckburg!  After buying a painting, Scrooge McDuck sets out upon an adventure that will span the Earth and the stars to collect five mythical treasures.  Travelling to the Amazon, the Himalayas, diamond mines, Transylvania, and even trip to the moon, Scrooge’s quest for money knows no bounds.  When he discovers Magica de Spell and Flintheart Glomgold are also after the treasures, Scrooge must work even harder…but what are Glomgold and Magica de Spell planning?

DuckTales:  Remastered is a made version of the 1989 NES classic based on the popular Disney cartoon series.  Redesigned by Wayforward Technology, the game was met with positive reviews.  Originally released on Steam, Wii U, and the PS3 Network on August 13, 2013, a PS3 hard copy version was released on August 20, 2013 and Xbox released their version on September 11, 2013.  A “gold cartridge” NES version was issued as part of a promotion for the release.


Somehow Scrooge looks a little outclassed…

DuckTales was one of my all-time favorite NES games (probably in the top ten).  It combined aspects of Mega Man (whose makers were part of the design team) with classic side scrolling action that rivaled Mario and tied in with the cartoon.  I can remember playing the game into the ground (sitting down and playing straight through in a sitting).  Times have changed; the NES is gone, but DuckTales is back!!!

The game play for DuckTales is virtually the same.  Players can choose one of the locations, go through it, and get the treasure.  It was kind of innovative when the game was released to have choices like this, but players nowadays might be jaded if they couldn’t pick to skip the much more difficult Amazon first.  Each level is reasonably long, but the levels do have repeating characters that never vary on multiple playthroughs…once you know the pattern, you can breeze through the game…fortunately, the game does have different difficulty levels to at least challenge you.


Scrooge Vs. Magica 2013/Scrooge Vs. Magica 1989

One of the things I’ve always loved about DuckTales was the great control on Scrooge with his bouncing cane.  I found myself sliding into the same old gameplay like a glove despite probably twenty-five years of separation.  Bouncing up to reach hidden areas and reveal extra diamonds still is fun, and it still is frustrating when you quit bouncing by landing on the edge of a cliff.  It was probably good that they didn’t tamper with the formula, but it might have also been interesting to see new moves.


Like long cutscenes? We’ve definitely got you covered!

DuckTales:  Remastered does have a few problems however.  The game is relatively short, but that can be expected.  At $14.95, it isn’t a bad price, but when you consider you can get a lot of new games a couple of years past release for $19.95, it does sour it a bit.  The other problem is that they didn’t add much to the game.  You get artwork, sketches, etc. as unlockables, and the bosses have new moves and patterns, but for the most part it is the same game.  I would have even liked to have seen DuckTales 2 from 1993 released with this as part of a double sale since I never did get to play it (along with many of NES’s players since by 1993 many had moved on to the Super NES or Genesis).


Too the moon, McDuck!!!

My biggest problem with DuckTales:  Remastered is that there are way too many cutscenes.  The makers went all out by getting a lot of the voice actors for the game including Scrooge McDuck’s voice for years from 93 year old Alan Young.  The problem is, as soon as the game starts, it goes to a screeching halt to do a cut scene…and another…and another.  You don’t have to watch them all over again, but you do have to pause and skip the cutscene every time.  For a game that might be multiple deaths, this is kind of a hindrance…and also leads to some real frustration for the prolonged ending which probably will take multiple playthroughs.

Despite some missteps, DuckTales:  Remastered is a welcome return for Scrooge and his clan.  If you enjoyed it as a kid, it might be fun to share with your children now.  With great reviews and solid sales, I wouldn’t mind this starting a trend of remastering some of NES’s greatest hits.  For now, a trip to Duckburg is all we get…but it is worth it.

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