Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor (2013)

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New regenerations, new Doctor



Time has come for the Doctor!

The Doctor (Matt Smith) finds himself drawn to a mysterious planet along with much of the universe by an untranslatable message.  As Clara (Jenna Coleman) tries to deal with her Christmas dinner with her family, the Doctor finds he might have finally reached the end of the line.  In a town called Christmas, the Doctor is faced with the ultimate question that has plagued him and threatens to reignite a war.  The Doctor’s about to make his last stand…and nothing will ever be the same!

Doctor Who:  The Time of the Doctor is the 2013 Christmas special.  The special followed the 50th Anniversary special Doctor Who:  The Day of the Doctor and aired December 25, 2013 and featured the final appearance of Matt Smith as the Doctor and the premiere of Peter Capaldi as the “Twelfth” Doctor (though this number is a bit of fix since John Hurt’s War Doctor is considered a regeneration but not an official Doctor).


Raggedy Man…good night!

After the fun Doctor Who:  The Day of the Doctor, I was a bit reenergized about Doctor Who which I felt was on a bit of a slide since the leaving of David Tennant.  Matt Smith isn’t my favorite Doctor and it is mostly due to the writing of the last few seasons.  The 50th Anniversary Special and the possible return of Gallifrey was interesting and this season actually does a lot to bring the seasons together.

The special deals with the classic question “Doctor…who?”  The Doctor’s name could rebirth the Time Lords and the crack in time from Doctor Who—Season 5 is the means for Gallifrey to try to contact Earth.  The meaning of the Silence and their attempt on the Doctor is also explained here.  I felt much of season 6 and 7 were rather poorly planned storywise and this helped explain the events a bit better to round out those seasons.


Say hello to the new Doctor, Clara!

The big event in this volume is the regeneration of the Doctor and the new regeneration cycle.  The Doctor’s regenerations are limited to thirteen regenerations and including the War Doctor, Matt Smith is at his max regenerations.  The Doctor is given new regenerations by the Time Lords through the crack in time and now the Doctor is “safe”…meaning it could get a whole lot more dangerous for the Doctor since the writers aren’t so limited again.

I really look forward to Peter Capaldi in that I think the Doctor has been a bit too young, too long.  I would like to see a more judgmental or even prissy Doctor like a Pertwee or even Baker.  I think that Clara could be a good partner for an older Doctor since she is young yet not a child.  Doctor Who:  The Time of the Doctor is followed by Doctor Who—Season 8.

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