Doctor Who: The Three Doctors (Story #65)

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Three Doctors gathered together for one adventure

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Hey, can we just call you the Big-O?

The Doctor (Jon Pertwee) is targeted by energy blobs on Earth.  The Time Lords also find themselves under attack by a strange black hole.  With time running out the Time Lords break their own rules by sending the second regeneration Doctor (Patrick Troughton) to help himself.  When the situation seems even worse, the Time Lords attempt to send the first Doctor (William Hartnell) to help but find they aren’t strong enough.  When the third Doctor and Jo Grant (Katy Manning) are pulled into the black hole, the second Doctor is forced to follow with the whole UNIT headquarters.  Now both Doctors must find a way to work together and escape the danger of the Time Lord Omega.


So Doctor, it is quite fun Skyping with you, but could you do something?

Doctor Who:  The Three Doctors takes place during the tenth season and was the season opener for the Doctor Who anniversary.  Following Doctor Who:  The Time Monster, the series was a four episode story arc that aired from December 30, 1972 to January 20, 1973.  It has been released as part of The Jon Pertwee Years collection and is Story #65.

The story is gimmicky (much like the later Five Doctors special), but it is always interesting to see the Doctors interact with themselves.  I always like that the made the characters not get along despite being the same character.  It was a nice way to celebrate the tenth anniversary by honoring the other Doctors that many felt were lost forever.


Seriously Big-O, don’t lose your head!

The story was hindered by William Hartnell’s health.  It was meant to be a more balanced story with each Doctor having a portion of the story, but Hartnell was only well enough to do “conference” calls with the other Doctors.  It was the last time that Hartnell acted before his death in 1975 so obviously it was the last time he was able to play the Doctor.

It is hard to talk about Doctor Who’s effects and look since it was always made on such a low budget.  It always amuses me that virtually every planet they visit looks like the same rock quarry.  I did enjoy the Omega (in his first appearance…he later appeared in Arc of Infinity in 1983).  He looked like he was the model for Sauron in Lord of the Rings.  I also enjoyed his bubbly purple minions that looked like big balls of cancer.

Doctor Who:  The Three Doctors is a fun short Doctor Who adventure.  The resolution of the adventure also allowed the Doctor to start his travels through time and space again when he is given his knowledge back by the Time Lords.  Doctor Who:  The Three Doctors was followed by Doctor Who:  Carnival of Monsters.

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