Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death (Story #48)

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Ice Warriors

Hard to get a feel for the Second Doctor and his companions with so few episodes in existence


Space…the final frontier!!

The Doctor (Patrick Troughton), Zoe (Wendy Padbury), and Jamie (Frazer Hines) arrive on Earth in the twenty-first century.  Unfortunately at the same time, the world’s transportation system called T-Mat has been overtaken by the Martian race known as the Ice Warriors.  Jamie, the Doctor, and Zoe are headed to the moon via spaceship and must find a way to stop the Ice Warriors who plan to transform the Earth into the new Mars…unfortunately, the people of Earth aren’t a part of their plans.

Doctor Who:  The Seeds of Death was part of the sixth season of Doctor Who.  The series was in six parts and aired from January 25, 1969 to March 1, 1969.  Following Doctor Who:  The Krotons, Doctor Who:  The Seeds of Death has been collected as part of The Patrick Troughton Years as Story #48.


The Ice Warriors are coming!

With so few Patrick Troughton series existing, this one is quite fun.  It is hard for me to get a real feel for Troughton or his companions as a result.  Fortunately, this episode encompasses a classic Doctor Who enemy in the Ice Warriors who first appeared in Doctor Who:  The Ice Warriors (Story #29).  Having a familiar enemy does help so that does help ease the transition of the somewhat unfamiliar cast.

Doctor Who:  The Seeds of Death is also aided by a decent story.  I like the whole T-Mat story and the idea of old science versus new science.  This series introduces T-Mat which as transmat comes up frequently throughout Doctor Who history.  The series goes deeper into Ice Warriors and introduces a caste system.  I also like the soap suds “seeds” that the Ice Warriors use to transmit the Earth changing chemical (although in the plans of the Ice Warriors seem rather foolish since water destroys their seeds).


Bad time to take a bubble bath, Doctor!

I do like Troughton as a Doctor.  It is a shame that so many of his episodes were lost.  I look forward to more of them being animated and hope that it will allow a better feel for the Doctor.  Many compare the Second Doctor to the Matt Smith Doctor.  I find Jamie kind of obnoxious, but do like Zoe (though she does seem very similar to some of the other early companions).

Doctor Who:  The Seeds of Death is a decent older episode of the series.  It should not be confused with the Fourth Doctor series Doctor Who:  The Seeds of Doom (Story #85) which is also a good watch.  Doctor Who:  The Seeds of Death was followed by the missing Doctor Who:  The Space Pirates.

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