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Love the Daleks, love getting lost Doctor Who

Almost all Doctor Who serials go on too long

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Yep…that’s me! The Doctor! Let’s move on…

There is a new Doctor (Patrick Troughton) but Polly (Anneke Wills) and Ben (Michael Craze) question how it could be possible.  As the group tries to figure out what happened to the Doctor that they knew, they find themselves on the planet Vulcan where a group of Earthling scientists have just made a big mistake…they’ve revived the Daleks!  The Daleks have vowed to serve the humans who have restored them, but the Doctor knows that the Daleks can’t be trusted, and the Daleks will rise again!

Doctor Who:  The Power of the Daleks aired in six parts from November 5, 1966 to December 1966 on the BBC.  The serial was part of the fourth season of Doctor Who, and all segments of the serial are lost.  Following Doctor Who:  The Tenth Planet, Doctor Who:  The Power of the Daleks was released as part of The Patrick Troughton Years as Story #30 with animated sequences synched to the original audio track of the episode.

doctor who the power of the daleks story 30 pamela ann davy robert james animation

Yeah, this is going end well…

Patrick Troughton got a raw deal.  His Doctor suffered the most losses when episodes of Doctor Who were recorded over and lost over the decades.  Despite this, I think his Doctor is rather interesting in comparison to William Hartnell, and it is good to see his first adventure recreated.

The story has to play a bit with the mythos of Doctor Who since before Doctor Who:  The Tenth Planet, the idea of regeneration wasn’t a thing (it was even really called regeneration here).  This means the episode is a little wonky on that side of the telling, and I wish more time had been devoted to the idea of “who is this new guy?”.  Fortunately, it wasn’t completely written off by the other characters and it is a theme in this entry.

The second good thing about this serial is that the Daleks are back.  With their creepy voices and their goofy look, they are the classic Doctor Who villain and they’ve transcended the series.  It is always strange to see interaction with the Daleks and this serial is full of it since people trust the Daleks and the Daleks are secretly plotting…and of course the Doctor is always right.

doctor who the power of the daleks story 30 exterminate

Exterminate!!! Exterminate!!! Saw this coming a mile away

Visually, I do like the animated style of the BBC series.  It has a kind of wooden approach because it is cheap and I’m assuming relatively fast.  The makers generally are pretty thorough with their recreations and use stills etc. to do recreate the imagery…the one problem I do have with them is that they are probably actually more exciting than if you had actually watched the real episode…the effects are better!  In this adaptation, they makers also switch between color and black-and-white which is a little weird.

I now it might be a pain, but I love that the BBC continues to animate Doctor Who stories.  There is that hope that someday, they’ll find the lost episodes in some vault in some foreign country (it has happened before) or that some guy will reveal he worked at a TV station and has tapes of the original broadcasts.  Until then, I hope the BBC continues to animate the original stories (especially the Second Doctor since he bared the brunt of the missing episodes).  Doctor Who:  The Power of the Daleks was a smart move, and I hope we get more “missing” Doctor Who in the future.  Doctor Who:  The Power of the Daleks was followed by Doctor Who:  The Highlanders (my next hope for animation).

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