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Fezes are cool…not!

The Doctor (Matt Smith) has discovered a little girl named Amelia Pond (Caitlin Blackwood) with a problem.  There is a crack in time in her wall.  When the Doctor returns years later, Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) is older and more cynical.  As Amy and the Doctor trip through time, the cracks seem to be following them.  As the mystery grows, the Doctor finds himself delving more into the mystery of who River Song (Alex Kingston  ) is and if reality is doomed.

Doctor Who—Season 5 kicks off after the great run of David Tennant and the man behind the relaunch Russell T. Davies also turned over duties to Steven Moffat.  There was some debate whether the series was being relaunched again and if this was once again “series 1”, but the makers have made the commitment that it is still the same storyline despite the pretty obvious wrap-up in Doctor Who:  The End of Time.  If you stick with the original story numbering, it would be Story #203 to Story #212.


A crack in time…and the start of a new quest

When a new Doctor, comes new judgment, but this actually is even tougher in this series in that it also means a new companion.  I can’t say having watched the whole series that I’m that impressed by Matt Smith or Karen Gillan.  It isn’t awful and they both have big shoes to fill after Tennant and his string of good companions.  It feels to me that both characters try too hard.  Tennant just oozed enthusiasm.  With Smith, it almost seems like he’s trying to be Tennant.  Gillan isn’t different enough to give a companion a different feel, but I always enjoy it when the Doctor has multiple companions as when he is joined by Rory (Arthur Darvill).


I’m River Song! Say my name!

River Song does add a new dimension to the story.  I’m pretty versed in time travel, but it is sometimes hard to grasp the crossing time paths (the Doctor “meeting” River after he has already met her…over and over again).  Alex Kingston is a good actress and I’m interested to see how the story develops in season 6.

Doctor Who takes a little hit in this season but continues to be one of the better shows on TV.  Even with a different cast and different characters, the series continues to reinvent itself and get new fans.  I’m glad to see that persistence pays off (plus years of broadcasting) and the series getting the international attention it deserves.

Doctor Who—Season 5 Complete Episode Guide:


“The Eleventh Hour”

5.1       The Eleventh Hour Airdate:  04/03/10

A crack has appeared in the room of Amelia Pond (Caitlin Blackwood).  Through the crack, Amelia hears voices and prays for help.  When the Doctor (Matt Smith) arrives in his time traveling box, Amelia thinks her miracle has finally happened.  The crack in the wall is inter-dimensional and Prisoner Zero has escaped from it.  When the Doctor promises to return he accidentally returns too late and Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) is now an adult.  The Doctor realizes that the threat of Prisoner Zero is still imminent and the awakening coma patients under Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) are all tied in.


“The Beast Below”

5.2       The Beast Below Airdate:  04/10/10

Amy travels with the Doctor despite it being the eve of her wedding, and Amy and the Doctor find an English spaceship that serves as a society.  When Amy and the Doctor find the society on Starship UK is terrified of something on the ship, they set to uncover the truth that everyone else choose to forget.  When Amy and the Doctor find that Starship UK is hiding, they meet the rightful ruler of the English people.


“Victory of the Daleks”

5.3       Victory of the Daleks Airdate:  04/17/10

The Doctor is called by to World War II by Winston Churchill (Ian McNeice) and learns that the British are experimenting with using Daleks to win the war.  When the Doctor turns to Amy for help in explaining the threat, the Doctor learns that the Daleks’ invasion has been forgotten.  The Daleks revolt, and it’s up to the Doctor and Amy to stop them.


“The Time of Angels”

5.4       The Time of Angels Airdate:  04/24/10

River Song (Alex Kingston) is back and she’s calling in the Doctor for help.  When Amy and the Doctor respond, they learn that they are out to stop the Weeping Angels with Song and an army force on a colonial planet.  When the team is lured into a maze, the Weeping Angels get the upper hand in a dangerous trap, and Amy may become a victim.


“Flesh and Stone”

5.5       Flesh and Stone Airdate:  05/01/10

The mission has turned into an escape from the Weeping Angels, and Amy finds her condition is getting worse.  When the Doctor discovers the crack in reality is following him, he realizes the situation is more dangerous than he believed.  Plus, Amy reveals his secret to the Doctor.


“The Vampires of Venice”

5.6       The Vampires of Venice Airdate:  05/08/10

The Doctor tries to mend Amy’s relationship with Rory and takes them both to 16th Century Venice.  When they uncover a school that appears to be full of vampires led by Rosanna (Helen McCrory), Amy goes undercover to determine what the vampires are really hiding.  When Amy’s life is threatened, Rory becomes critical of the danger the Doctor brings.


“Amy’s Choice”

5.7       Amy’s Choice Airdate:  05/15/10

The Doctor visits Rory and Amy five years later and finds Rory and Amy expecting a child in a quiet English town.  When Amy, Rory, and the Doctor discover they could be experiencing a dream or the future, they must determine which is the true reality.  When they encounter a man calling himself the Dream Lord (Toby Jones), a choice must be made.


“The Hungry Earth”

5.8       The Hungry Earth Airdate:  05/22/10

In 2020, an exploratory research team drilling in Wales discovers an attack from under the earth.  When Amy is kidnapped by the creatures called Silurians, the Doctor must voyage beneath the Earth to find a way to free Amy and the captives before a war breaks out.


“Cold Blood”

5.9       Cold Blood Airdate:  05/29/10

The Silurians are preparing to raid Earth, and the Doctor sets out to create a peace treaty between the races.  When an accident on the surface risks the treaty, the Doctor must find a way to keep the Earth from being drawn into a civil war between humans and Earth’s earliest inhabitants.  The Doctor also makes a shocking discover about the crack in time and what could be the cause, but his discovery comes at a high price.


“Vincent and the Doctor”

5.10     Vincent and the Doctor Airdate:  06/05/10

Rory has been absorbed by the crack in time and Amy no longer remembers him.  When the Doctor and Amy discover an alien creature hidden in one of Vincent Van Gogh’s painting, they go back in time to meet Vincent (Tony Curran) and discover a misplaced alien.


“The Lodger”

5.11     The Lodger Airdate:  06/12/10

The Doctor is left on Earth when TARDIS teleports away with Amy inside.  The Doctor gets a flatmmate named Craig Owens (James Corden) and tries to adjust to normal life.  As the Doctor inserts himself in Craig’s life, Craig finds his relationship with his friend Sophie (Daisy Haggard) threatened.  As Craig fights to separate himself from the Doctor, an evil is growing in the upstairs room of Craig’s home.


“The Pandorica Opens”

5.12     The Pandorica Opens Airdate:  06/19/10

A painting by Vincent Van Gogh titled The Pandorica Opens shows the destruction of the TARDIS, and River Song breaks out of prison to warn the Doctor.  The Doctor, River, and Amy are now off to find out the legend of the Pandorica is true before it is too late.  When the the Pandorica is found, the Doctor discovers all the alien entities have converged on the area to claim it.  Someone returns from the past returns and the Doctor questions what has happened to time.  River’s trip into Amy’s past makes a discovery.


“The Big Bang”

5.13     The Big Bang Airdate:  06/26/10

The Doctor has been locked in the Pandorica to prevent the destruction of the universe, and now all of time is changed with the TARDIS destroyed.  When the Doctor is freed, the Centurion Rory and the Doctor must find a way to use Amy to rectify the past, the future, and seal the cracks in time before all of reality collapses.  Will Amy be strong enough to fix the universe and what will it mean for the Doctor?

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