Doctor Who: Image of the Fendahl (Story #94)

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The Doctor (Tom Baker) and Leela (Louise Jameson) are pulled to Fetchborough in England where the discovery of a strange skull that predates Earth’s human records has begun to affect a group of scientists.  When the Doctor realizes that there is a threat to Earth that could destroy it, the Doctor discovers the skull belongs to the Fendahl.  As the Fendahl try to overtake Earth, the Doctor finds himself trying to stop the Fendahl forever.

Doctor Who:  Image of the Fendahl aired during the fifteenth season of Doctor Who.  It was a four part series and aired form October 29, 1977 to November 19, 1977.  It follows Doctor Who:  The Invisible Enemy and has been collected in The Tom Baker Years as Story #94.


Oh no, a stringy-slug thing

Doctor Who:  Image of the Fendahl falls under the “scary” Doctor Who category.  There are a number of creepy moments in the series that always makes me feel like Doctor Who is the British version of Johnny Quest.  Both Doctor Who and Johnny Quest have that creepy factor that is accessible for kids, but still can scare them a bit.

I always kind of liked Leela as a companion.  I like her aggressive nature and actually wish she was more of the killer that the Doctor prevents her from being.  I like her untamed and wild, but she is starting to calm down a bit by this series from her first appearance in Story #89


Jesus Christ Superstar reject

The Fendahl is kind of lame, but it still is scary.  It has the Medusa thing going for it (once you’ve locked eyes with it, it has you) and it reminds me of the Weeping Angels of the current series (though the Weeping Angels are scarier).  The Fendahl is an effective creature, and I wish it hadn’t been eliminated in this series so it could continue to be an enemy.

Doctor Who:  Image of the Fendahl is still a good series, though it is a bit long.  I wish more of the Doctor Who series would have limited themselves to two or three episodes and kept the action going.  Doctor Who:  Image of the Fendahl was followed by Doctor Who:  The Sun Makers.

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