Doctor Who: Dreamland (2009)

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You are entering another dimension…a dimension of 1990s computer looking animation

The Doctor (voiced by David Tennant) is stopping in the America Southwest in 1958 near the town of Roswell.  He discovers a diner with an alien artifact that could be used as a dangerous weapon.  With the help of Cassie Rice (voiced by Georgia Moffett) and Jimmy Stalkingwolf (voiced by Tim Howar), The Doctor must stop a Viperox invasion of Earth and rescue an alien prisoner of the United States Government’s Area 51 (aka Dreamland) to do it.

Doctor Who:  Dreamland is an animated feature falling within the run of David Tennant’s Doctor Who days.  It aired in six parts with a longer first episode followed by shorter episodes from November 21, 2009 to November 26, 2009 (which places it between Doctor Who:  Planet of the Dead and Doctor Who:  The Waters of Mars).  It was viewable on the BBC’s Red Button service, the Doctor Who website, and the BBC iPlayer.


Hey…aren’t you supposed to be bugging Mulder & Scully?

The story is fun but brief.  It is a short forty minutes and doesn’t really have much plot.  It feels like Doctor Who-Lite and that is why I suspect it was produced the way it was.  Despite all the weird aliens in Doctor Who, I don’t recall him running into a classic gray alien so it is kind of fun to see him encounter one.  I wish that the story had made some reference to the Season 1 story The Dalek that takes place in the same area (though years later).  It could have been a fun cross reference to fans.

I like the idea of the animated specials and wouldn’t mind seeing more.  There has been some effort to convert the old audio episodes of Doctor Who to animation and I think thing like Doctor Who:  Dreamland could help them.  I also feel it is a good way to continue the adventures of some of the Doctors who have now passed.  It also can provide a means to crossover the Doctors.  It could be good, but I hope they don’t over use it, and I would like for them to get a bit better animation…There’s few budget constraints for the episodes with animation.


So…We’re going to invade your planet…ok?

Doctor Who:  Dreamland is an interesting installment in the Doctor Who mythos, and I would like to see it referenced on occasion.  The series is also a family affair with Georgia Moffett voicing Cassie.  Moffett previously appeared in Doctor Who:  The Doctor’s Daughter—Season 4, but also is the wife of David Tennant and the daughter of the Fifth Doctor Peter Davison.  If you are a fan of the series, Doctor Who:  Dreamland is worth checking out.

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