Doctor Who: Destiny of the Daleks (Story #104)

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Welcome back Davros…I’ve missed you!

Romana (Lalla Ward) has decided to take the form of Princess Astra as the Doctor (Tom Baker) works to repair K-9.  When the TARDIS lands on a strange planet, Romana and the Doctor learn they have returned to Skaro.  When the Doctor and Romana are separated, Romana becomes the slave of a Daleks mining beneath the surface and the Doctor is found by a group called the Movellans who have come to Skaro for the Daleks.  As the Daleks dig deeper, the Doctor learns that both the Movellans and the Daleks are searching for Davros…once Davros is found, the threat of the Daleks could be reawakened.

Doctor Who:  Destiny of the Daleks part of the seventeenth season of Doctor Who.  It aired in four episodes from September 1, 1979 to September 22, 1979.   It followed Doctor Who:  The Armageddon Factor and has been collected in The Tom Baker Years as Story #104.


Oh no! We’ve been captured by a bunch of Rick James fans!

Most Doctor Who episodes involving the Daleks are already interesting and it is true with this episode.  The return of Davros (who first appearance was his face off against the Doctor and Sarah Jane in Doctor Who:  Genesis of the Daleks) also provided some fun.  I like the relationship between the Doctor and Davros and the scenes between him and the Dalek’s creator are fun and I’m glad they decided to make him a semi-recurring character.

The episode also appears to have a bigger budget than many of other episodes.  It does utilize the classic Doctor Who rock quarry pit (that every planet seems to look like), but there were a lot of sets and locations.  I’m sure the series has a very low budget and I always like to see how they deal with it and try to make it look bigger.


Romana…you’re acting quite strange

The strangest part of Doctor Who:  Destiny of the Daleks has to be the opening sequence in which Romana “chooses” her next regeneration.  It is very tongue-and-cheek and goofy.  Every time the Doctor regenerates it is traumatic, takes a while, and he doesn’t have any control.  This seems really out of character of the series and a strange way to go for a laugh.

Doctor Who:  Destiny of the Daleks is one of the better Doctor Who collections.  I’m not the biggest fan of Romana as a companion, but the story at least carries her.  Doctor Who:  Destiny of the Daleks was followed by Doctor Who:  City of Death.

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