District X 1: Mr. M

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Comic Info

Comic Name:  District X

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  David Hine

Artist:  David Yardin/Lan Medina/Mike Perkins

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2005


District X #3

Reprints District X #1-6 (July 2004-December 2004).  Ismael Ortega and his partner run into trouble on a call in Mutant Town where the greatest concentration of mutants are all trying to live together.  With his partner hospitalized, Ismael finds himself with a new partner in the mysterious Bishop.  A war is breaking out between mutant gangsters Kaufman and Zapruder over the mutant drug Toad Juice.  As Bishop and Ismael try to stop the war, a mysterious man known as Mr. M could be the key…or could destroy them all!

Written by David Hine with illustrations by David Yardin, Lan Medina, and Mike Perkins, District X Volume 1:  Mr. M was part of Marvel Comics’ Mark Knights line of comics.  The comic spun out of Grant Morrison’s New X-Men series and was collected in two volumes (followed by a limited series called Mutopia X).

I actually really liked District X.  I’m a big fan of the police drama like Law & Order and in particular, the police portion of the show.  This comic combines elements of something like that with Alan Moore’s Top Ten and Powers (which it does steal from).


District X #6

The concept of a “normal guy” investigating mutants with a mutant isn’t original, but District X is fun.  I like characters created by Hine and he shows (in this volume) that even some of the minor characters get a chance to develop.  You would think Bishop would be the star of the series, but Hine smartly makes him the costar…allows for a different read than most X-Men comics.

The art for the comic is also strong.  It isn’t a comic filled with costumes and goes for a grittier “real” style.  I do have a bit of a problem because every character apparently grows root-y looking things when they become mutants.  The artist could have had more fun with the art like Top Ten or Powers.

District X 1:  Mr. M showed a strong start for the series.  Rereading it, I still enjoy it and wish that it had run longer.  I think the comic had a ton of potential.  I’d love to see Ismael return someday even for a few cameos.  District X 1:  Mr. M was followed by District X 2:  Underworld.

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