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Worst season to date, killer isn't very interesting


God and Dexter mix

Everything seems to be going well for Dexter (Michael C. Hall) in his life. His “Dark Passenger” is getting its fill of thrills, and he’s sticking to the rules. When a new killer surfaces, he’s nicknamed the Doomsday Killer due to his reenacting of aspects of the Book of Revelation. Dexter searches for the killer and at the same time is finding religion through a reformed killer named Brother Sam (Mos Def). With Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) now promoted, Dexter finds his search for Geller (Edward James Olmos) and his assistant Travis (Colin Hanks) might be tougher than he thought.


Things heat up for Dexter

Dexter—Season 6 aired on Showtime from October 2, 2011 to December 18, 2011. It was met with so-so reviews and criticized for the overall storyline.

I can’t say I loved this season of Dexter and admit that it is probably my least favorite season of the series. The story just isn’t there in the season and after so many smart seasons of Dexter, that makes an average season difficult. I expect great things from Dexter, and this season of Dexter disappoints.

The reason this season of Dexter isn’t as strong as other seasons is that Dexter lacks a real great killer. Jimmy Smits and John Lithgow were great foils for Dexter and their involvement in this life had great ramifications. The influence of Geller and Travis is great, but due to the structure of the story, they just aren’t very interesting or having that much impact on Dexter.


It’s a good likeness

I still love Michael C. Hall. His Dexter is cool, calm, and collected and the snarky remarks continue to be perfectly timed. I don’t really love the religious aspect of the story, but it does take the story in a different direction. I feel a lot of time is wasted in this season by dividing Dexter’s time between the religion and Brother and his search for the killer. His high school reunion and the trip to Nebraska just really sideline the story. Dexter works best under pressure and it doesn’t seem to be as much pressure this season.

A lot of the characters at this point are just taking up space.  Quinn is dumped by Deb (who still is acting challenged) and spends the whole season just bumming around.  LaGuerta needs to die. Her character is past the point of interest, and it is obvious the writers don’t know what to do with her. The character was killed in the first book so she needs to go here. The obvious set up of the next season with and his interns is a bit obvious and once again takes up too much time this season.


Brother Sam…oh how you ruin Dexter

*****Spoiler Alert***** I was surprised by two parts of this story. I genuinely was “got” by the Edward James Olmos twist in episode. It makes sense in hindsight but many twists do make sense in that aspect. I went into season 6 also knowing the ending. Dexter’s endings are always epic and this one is no different. With Deb’s discovery, the whole series changes again.Dexter is still a fun series, and I hope it strives past this season. I felt season five ended at a point that it could be the last season, and this season doesn’t lend me much hope about the series, but I still hope Dexter carries on.

Dexter—Season 6 Complete Episode Guide:


“Those Kind of Things”

6.1       Those Kinds of Things Airdate:  10/02/11

Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) takes down a pair of paramedics killing patients to sell organs.  Angel Batista (David Zayas) and his sister Jamie (Aimee Garcia) move in next door to Dexter, and Jamie watches Dexter’s son Harrison.  Dexter finds himself debating religion when he searches for a preschool for Harrison, and Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) reminds Dexter that he must think of him.  Maria Laguerta (Lauren Vélez) is appointed to captain by blackmailing Deputy Chief Matthews (Geoff Pierson) and is warned that she’ll be a target.  Dexter heads to his class reunion and sets to avenge a former classmate’s death.  When Dexter arrives at the reunion, he finds he’s gone from being geek to popular.  As Dexter sets out to take down Joe Walker (John Brotherton), he has to find a way to match his blood to the crime.  Dexter seeks out answers to religion and turns to an unlikely source for a question of God.  Joey Quinn (Desmond Harrington) prepares to pop the question to Deb but his plans are interrupted by a restaurant attack.  An attack on a fruit and vegetable vender leaves Dexter with a new case.


“Once Upon a Time…”

6.2       Once Upon a Time… Airdate:  10/09/11

Dexter worries that Harrison will start to learn about his obsession.  Professor Geller (Edward James Olmos) and his partner Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks) seek out another victim after their killing of the fruit vender.  Joey Quinn (Desmond Harrington) pops the question to Deb but doesn’t get the reaction he hopes for.  Deb video takedown of the restaurant shooter brings her attention and interest by Matthews.  When a criminal turned religious man named Brother Sam (Mos Def) comes to defend the fruit vender, Dexter wonders if people really change.  Matthews skips Batista’s promotion to give it to Deb.  Dexter hunts Brother Sam but discovers his religious jump might be legitimate.  As Deb debates both marriage and her promotion, Batista and LaGuerta learn Matthews’ plans for Deb. Dexter picks his next target and decides how to handle Harrison.


“Smokey and the Bandit”

6.3       Smokey and the Bandit Airdate:  10/16/11

Deb tries to adjust to her new title and is warned by Batista that LaGuerta will use her.  When a murder pops up, Dexter finds a link to the Tooth Fairy serial killer from the ’80s.  Dexter seeks out a retiree named Walter Kenney (Ronny Cox) for the Tooth Fairy.  Professor Gellar works to keep control of his aid Travis.  Deb goes against LaGuerta for a hire and hopes that Mike Anderson (Billy Brown) isn’t a mistake.  Vince Masuka (C.S. Lee) has a new assistant named Ryan (Brea Grant) who shows an extreme interest in the Ice Truck Killer, and the evidence of the crime.


“A Horse of a Different Color”

6.4       A Horse of a Different Color Airdate:  10/23/11

Dexter attends a religious event with Brother Sam and questions if it is the right fit for him.  A new murder involving mannequins and horses reminds Deb and Dexter of the Ice Truck Killer, and Deb’s replacement Anderson realizes that the horses represent the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  LaGuerta finds that Deb is going to lead the press conference on the killer and that she’s being put out.  Masuka discovers what his intern is really up to.  An emergency at home puts Harrison at risk and makes Dexter question faith.  Deb has a flub at the press conference, but finds it turns out for the best.  Quinn and Batista find leads on an underground preacher named Geller and decide to investigate.  Travis’ decision to go on a date has consequences.


“The Angel of Death”

6.5       The Angel of Death Airdate:  10/30/11

Dexter begins his own investigation into the Doomsday Killer and his belief that he has a partner.  Masuka tries to get back the evidence of the Ice-Truck Killer Ryan sold online.  Deb realizes she didn’t return Quinn’s engagement ring and tries to locate it.  Dexter search on the wings made by the killer leads him to Travis while Geller’s notoriety forces Travis to strike out on his own.  Dexter finds Deb and his sitter Jamie at odds and finds himself caught in the middle.  Batista and Quinn’s investigation into Geller’s past leads them to evidence in the home of a former student and professor named Michelle Ross (Rya Kihlstedt).  Deb’s situation at Dexter’s home causes Deb to make a big change.


“Just Let Go”

6.6       Just Let Go Airdate:  11/06/11

Dexter tracks Travis to try to locate the Doomsday Killer, but learns that Brother Sam has been shot in his garage.  As Dexter searches for Brother Sam’s shooter, he tracks the gang that wanted Brother Sam dead.  Quinn realizes he might have jeopardized the case by sleeping with Michelle and that she might be a key witness.  Travis and Geller’s most recent capture is prepared for death as Travis begins to have doubts.  Deb discovers being a lieutenant is harder than she thought now that everyone treats her differently.  When the prime suspect in Brother Sam’s murder is shot down during the arrest, Dexter discovers another suspect might be responsible.  Deb learns about Quinn’s indiscretion with Michelle.  When Dexter learns that Brother Sam wants his killer forgiven, Dexter wonders if he can forgive.



6.7       Nebraska Airdate:  11/13/11

Dexter finds himself being visited by his dead brother Brian Moser (Christian Camargo) and questions if he is falling more to his Dark Passenger.  When Dexter learns that the Trinity Killer’s son Jonah (Brando Eaton) is taking after his dad, Dexter heads to Nebraska.  Travis decision to leave Geller after freeing their prisoner leads to threats from Geller.  Dexter’s trip to Nebraska with his brother riding shotgun leads Dexter to seek out Jonah and awaken an evil inside.


“Sin of Omission”

6.8       Sin of Omission Airdate:  11/20/11

Dexter tries to get back on Deb’s good side after taking off to go to Nebraska.  Travis wonders if he can escape Geller after a home visit and a threat to his sister Lisa (Molly Parker).  Batista finds his sister is still dating Masuka’s intern Louis Greene (Josh Cooke) and is invited to dinner by his sister.  The search for the Doomsday Killer’s accomplice heats up and Dexter hopes he can convince Travis to turn on Geller before his sister locates him.  Deb questions why LaGuerta is trying to get her to close a case on a dead prostitute when foul play looks like it is involved.  Deb learns about Dexter’s trip to Nebraska and wonders why Dexter can’t talk to her.  Dexter finds Travis has been kidnapped, and Travis vows to help Dexter kill Geller to avenge his sister.


“Get Geller”

6.9       Get Geller Airdate:  11/27/11

Dexter hides Travis and searches for Geller.  Louis tries to track Geller’s blog in order to find   and impress Batista while keeping secrets of his own.  Batista and Quinn try to track down Quinn’s gun after a bender.  When Geller targets an outspoken atheist (Alex Hyde-White), Travis and Dexter must stop him before he kills again.  Morgan’s decision to look into the prostitute’s murder causes problems with LaGuerta and Matthews.  As Dexter takes more and more risks, the spirit of his father (James Remar) questions why taking down Geller is so important.


“Ricochet Rabbit”

6.10     Ricochet Rabbit Airdate:  12/04/11

Dexter discovers that Geller is dead and that Travis is actually insane.  Travis looks to recruit as Dexter tries to keep the police searching for both Geller and Travis.  Dexter realizes Travis might be going after Holly Benson (Lacey Beeman) since Dexter convinced to free her.  As Dexter searches for Holly, Travis and his new disciples get the jump on him by reaching Holly first and revealing Wormwood.  Louis reveals his video game to Dexter to a less-than-spectacular results.  Deb uncovers why the prostitute’s death is being covered.  Batista’s search for the truth puts him in danger.


“Talk to the Hand”

6.11     Talk to the Hand Airdate:  12/11/11

Dexter is forced to call the police on Travis when he realizes Wormwood is a poisonous gas, and Travis’ capture of Batista makes Miami Metro his target for Wormwood.  Travis’ follower Beth Dorsey (Jordana Spiro) is sent to Miami with the poison bomb to take out Deb Morgan but finds Deb is in the field.  Deb debates what to do about Matthews and the prostitute.  When Dexter is accidentally exposed to a small amount of the gas stopping Beth, he begins to suffer from the effects.  Batista decides he can’t work with Quinn if he can’t trust him to be there.  When Matthews goes down for the prostitute, Deb realizes that LaGuerta used her to get at Matthews’ job.  Deb starts to question her relationship with Dexter and if she wants more.  As Dexter sets a trap for Travis, he might be the one in trouble.


“This Is the Way the World Ends”

6.12     This Is the Way the World Ends Airdate:  12/18/11

Dexter makes his way back to shore as Travis begins his final sacrifice.  Deb finds herself wondering about her feelings for Dexter and worries about losing him.  The latest victims of Travis are found and Dexter has to think fast to keep himself from being tied to Travis.  Louis finds his time as an intern is running out and the package he prepared for Dexter arrives.  Travis researches Dexter and discovers Dexter has a son.  When Harrison is threatened, Dexter springs into action.  Deb makes a shocking discovery about Dexter.

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