Devil Dinosaur by Jack Kirby: The Complete Collection

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Comic Info

Comic Name:  Devil Dinosaur

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Jack Kirby

Artist:  Jack Kirby

# of Issues:  9

Release Date:  2014


Devil Dinosaur #1

Reprints Devil Dinosaur #1-9 (April 1978-December 1978).  Moon Boy of the Little Folk and Devil Dinosaur are both alone in the world.  Living in the wilds, the two form an unlikely bond and Moon Boy and Devil become inseparable.  Together Devil and Moon Boy will face dangers, but the power of Devil and the intelligence of Moon Boy could save them and their valley from even otherworldly threats!

Written and illustrated by Jack Kirby, Devil Dinosaur by Jack Kirby:  The Complete Collection picks up the entire nine issue run of the classic Marvel’s ’70s series which introduced both Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy.  Though poorly received with its initial release, Devil Dinosaur has become a bit of a cult book due to continuing popularity of Jack Kirby.

Devil Dinosaur has a strange origin.  The comic was created as Marvel’s reaction to DC’s attempt to make an animated TV series out of Kirby’s Kamandi:  The Last Boy on Earth.  It was decided that dinosaurs have a broad appeal and the Kamandi-esque Moon Boy was teamed with Devil.  Though the Kamandi series never developed, Devil Dinosaur forever entered the Marvel Universe.

Devil Dinosaur is pretty ridiculous and underdeveloped.  Most of the nine issues involves Devil and Moon Boy encountering someone or something new, getting separated, meeting again, and defeating the enemy.  It is repetitive and due to the fact that half of the team can’t talk (aka Devil) and the other half is broken English (aka Moon Boy), there isn’t much of a script.


Devil Dinosaur #2

The most inspired story in the book is probably the arrival of aliens (Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur’s world has never been proven to be the standard Marvel Universe Earth-616).  The story sets up a rather interesting “God” story.  The aliens come and find that Moon Boy demonstrates the spark of life that could mean a future for his race.  They are destroyed, but a computer (called a “tree”) protects three of the humanoids (including one called Eev).  The tree is proved to be a liar and the paradise it provides isn’t real…it is an odd take on the Genesis story.

The art for the series is also classic Kirby.  Kirby must have discovered quickly that there wasn’t much he could make Devil do except jump and roar.  This I’m sure provided a challenge for illustrating the book (and also writing it).

Devil Dinosaur by Jack Kirby:  The Complete Collection is a nice escapism book.  Comics are so dark and serious now that reading something light and fluffy like Devil Dinosaur is kind of fun.  I don’t think Devil Dinosaur is one of Kirby’s great creations, and I’m surprised that it has essentially “caught on”.  I always love when Devil makes an appearance in the Marvel Universe (a particular favorite was Fallen Angels) and I hope Devil continues to pop up here and there along with Moon Boy…because who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

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