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degrassi next class season 2 episode 5 throwbackthursday protest reiya downs amanda arcuri richard walters

Race hits Degrassi

Class is starting again, and the kids of Degrassi have more problems!  Hunter (Spencer MacPherson) is coming to terms with his actions and that might mean a big change for Miles (Eric Osborne) plans and his relationship with Tristan (Lyle Lettau).  Zoe (Ana Golja) tries to decide what she wants from life, and Maya (Olivia Scriven) finds her music career taking off.  Shay (Reiya Downs) and the girls of the volleyball team find themselves caught up in a race crisis due to Frankie (Sara Waisglass) and it threatens to ruin the unity of the school and the entire year!

Degrassi:  Next Class—Season 2 aired from May 30, 2016 to June 10, 2016 in Australia but then was released on Netflix on July 22, 2016.  The ten episode season was also available on Canada’s Family Channel app.

degrassi next class reunion episode liberty emma sarah barrable tishauer miriam mcdonald

Emma and Liberty stop by (among others) for the anniversary

I have a soft spot for Degrassi.  I watch the original Degrassi Junior High as a kid, some of Degrassi:  The Next Generation, and I’ve now seen both seasons of Degrassi:  Next Class in binge watching sessions…yeah it’s cheesy, yeah it’s overly dramatic, and yeah it’s often overacted, but I still enjoy the series.

The people of Degrassi have it pretty bad.  If you look back at the history of the show (it is all in canon), you’ve had the school burn down, a gunman in the school, terrorism, almost a second gunman, race wars, and this season also ends in danger…I can’t see why parents would continue to send their kids there…it appears to be a nightmare.

I think this season’s race question is perfectly timed (especially for American audiences).  It does bring up legitimate questions, concerns, and problems of “seeing” the issue.  It is a very simplistic and realistically unsolved look at the problem, but looks at some interesting topics like are you being racist if you don’t know you’re being racist…and what should the punishment be for that?  Realistically, this should be a continuing theme in future seasons, but Degrassi might have put it to bed after the exploration this season.

degrassi next class season 2 episode 1 squadgoals racism volleyball clarissa anson

Would love to see Kara come to Degrassi…maybe a transfer?

While Degrassi was always about kids dating, I also feel that the show has been overrun by this, but this too is ok.  There can be race issues and PC, but often kids just want to make it through the day and the more dramatic aspects of their lives is the tumultuous relationships they have.  This is kind of heavy handed at points, but it is a good hook to get kids to watch a series about issues.

Degrassi:  Next Class is a quick and entertaining series to watch.  This season has the 500th episode of Degrassi wrapped up in the “60th Anniversary” celebration for the school which features some returning students (but not enough and no for fans of Drake, he doesn’t return).  With ten less than half hour episodes, you fly through the series, and it does actually leave you looking forward to next season…I wonder how miserable their lives will be then.

Degrassi:  Next Class—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:

degrassi next class season 2 episode 1 squadgoals racist banner


2.1       #SquadGoals Airdate:  05/30/16 Netflix Release Date:  07/22/16

Maya (Olivia Scriven) tries to get an important internship but finds that Zig (Ricardo Hoyos) and her relationship is getting in his way.  Miles (Eric Osborne) discovers Hunter (Spencer MacPherson) is getting worse and that his plans to go to boarding school are in jeopardy.  The volleyball team finds rivals Northern Tech are pranking them and plot revenge…pitting Frankie (Sara Waisglass) against Shay (Reiya Downs), but the revenge might go too far!

degrassi next class season 2 episode 2 turntup hunter spencer macpherson


2.2       #TurntUp Airdate:  05/31/16 Netflix Release Date:  07/22/16

Hunter is committed by his mother for bringing the gun to school.  Mya finds herself back with Zig but worries when he makes it public.  The volleyball’s mural is deemed racist by Northern Tech and squad at Northern Tech demands that the people responsible be expelled…and Shay finds herself caught in the middle.

degrassi next class season 2 episode 3 checkyourprivilege yael jamie bloch


2.3       #CheckYourPrivilege Airdate:  06/01/16 Netflix Release Date:  07/22/16

Yael (Jamie Bloch) gets in an app war with Baaz (Amir Bageria) and Vijay (Dante Scott) and creates a gossip app which explodes.  Tristan (Lyle Lettau) finds his relationship with Miles is in jeopardy when he tries to co-parent a baby for his class.  Frankie tries to quash the racist accusations with Northern Tech but finds her actions are making it worse.

degrassi next class season 2 episode 4 buymepizza lola tina amanda arcuri richard walters


2.4       #BuyMePizza Airdate:  06/02/16 Netflix Release Date:  07/22/16

Tiny (Richard Walters) objects to Lola (Amanda Arcuri) being on Teender  Zoe (Ana Golja) finds that everyone thinks she’s really a lesbian when she goes up against Esme (Chelsea Clark) for a part in the school anniversary but wonders if they are right.  Grace (Nikki Gould) worries that her image is ruining what people think about her.

degrassi next class season 2 episode 5 throwbackthrusday 600th episode reunion


2.5       #ThrowbackThursday Airdate:  06/03/16 Netflix Release Date:  07/22/16

It is the 60th Anniversary of Degrassi High and everyone is coming back.  Lola attempts to get Tiny’s suspension revoked as the debate about racial inequality at the school boils over.

degrassi next class season 2 episode 6 shay racism reiya downs


2.6       #ToMyFutureSelf Airdate: 06/06/16 Netflix Release Date:  07/22/16

Shay finds that she might have to compromise her beliefs if she wants to be part of an Olympic training team.  Maya finds herself jealous of Grace and Zig’s relationship but questions if Peter (Jamie Johnston) might be an option for her when he invites her to his birthday celebration.  Winston (Andre Kim) and Zoe’s presentation to the class on Japan raises more race questions when Esme objects.

degrassi next class season 2 episode 7 thatawkwardmomentwhen frankie jonah sara waisglass ehren kassam


2.7       #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen Airdate:  06/07/16 Netflix Release Date:  07/22/16

Frankie is forced to go back to school by her mother and convinces Jonah (Ehren Kassam) to run away with her when she finds everyone rejects her.  Tiny suffers from stomach pain and finds taking Lola’s advice could be dangerous.  Winston and Zoe have a viral video which forces Zoe to examine her priorities.

degrassi next class season 2 episode 8 riseandgrind tristan miles sex lyle lettau eric osborne


2.8       #RiseAndGrind Airdate:  06/08/16 Netflix Release Date:  07/22/16

Maya finds Vijay has covered her song and that it is more popular.  Zig and Tiny compete for a dancing job, and Zig finds himself turning to Esme for help.  Miles and Tristan hit a rough patch when Tristan learns how many people Miles has slept with.

degrassi next class season 2 episode 9 thesearemyconfessions grace


2.9       #TheseAreMyConfessions Airdate:  06/09/16 Netflix Release Date:  07/22/16

The girls are throwing a party for Tiny to get to his summer camp in California and planning a kegger.  Yael is forced to go through with her date with Baaz but discovers Grace makes her big move on Zig with negative effects but suffers a bigger hit from her ailment.

degrassi next class season 2 episode 10 omfg bus crash


2.10     #OMFG Airdate:  06/10/16 Netflix Release Date:  07/22/16

The Degrassi volleyball team is in the finals against Northern Tech and the school is getting ready.  Shay debates telling Lola about her relationship with Tiny and asking for her acceptance.  Hunter has a date with Yael but realizes he might still have a ways to go until he is healthy.  Zoe and Winston decide to take the next step, but Zoe has second thoughts.  As the game may not go as Shay hoped, a bigger tragedy might be coming.

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