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Game Name: De Blob

Developer(s): Blue Tongue Entertainment

Publisher(s): THQ

Platform(s): Wii

Genre(s): Action/Adventure/Platformers/Strategy

Release Date(s): September 22, 2008

ESRB Rating: E


I see a black door and I want it painted red is just not as catchy

Chroma City is invaded by the INKT Corporation and Comrade Black and his soldiers begin their war on color.  Now it is up to Blob to free Chroma City from the invaders and free the colors of the world.

De Blob is produced by Blue Tongue Entertainment and THQ for the Wii.  The action adventure game was well received.  Ports of the game have been released for the PC and the Switch.

I love high concept games and games that play with visuals…and De Blob has both.  While Nintendo is generally dominated by games of their own production (which I have to admit are generally some of the best games produced), it is not always easy to find other game designers who utilize Nintendo’s systems…De Blob succeeds.

De Blob makes a good use of the Wii’s controls as that you are controlling a blob that needs to jump, roll, and move through a city.  The game is easy to pick up and the Blob’s movements are smooth and feel fluid.  The Blob sometimes jumps through the city with easy but other times does feel a bit clunky in his controls (when it seems like an easy jump, you end up jumping the other direction).


All the color is actually making me sick…bring back those Ink guys

The coloring of the world is just fun and challenging at point.  I wish that the game makers had made more colors (Styles do change up the appearance of the painting) and a few different challenges.  The goal of the game at its basic foundation is to make it as colorful as possible, but additional challenges exist that vary up the game play.  There are general “Painting” challenges that your ally Arty will ask you to paint a designated area a certain color (ex. A block of building will need to be all green in a certain time period).  There are “Race” challenges in which Zip will have you follow him as fast as possible through the city.  “Combat” challenges are led by Bif and Bif asks you to takeout specific enemies.  “Landmark” challenges come from the Prof and the Prof asks you to transform specific INKT city landmarks.


De Blob really is kind of just making a mess at this point

The challenge of the game involves increasing number of water hazards (that wash your ink away) and ink that blackens your colors.  This combined with a time limit, spikes, electricity, and hot plates up the difficulty in later levels.

There are a three different multiplayer styles and can carry up to four players.  Paint Match allows four Blobs to try to take control of one patch of land and color the city in a score challenge.  Blob on the Run is a game that involves only one Blob able to color and the other Blobs have to try to steal the color to increase their scores.  Blob Race is a race through the city with the winner reaching the finish first.

Overall, De Blob is a fun and fairly easy game.  It gets a bit repetitive at points with very little game variation, but fun controls and quick gameplay allow it to be a game different from other games on the system.  It can be found at very affordable prices, and the game is a great pick-up for family play.  A sequel entitled De Blob 2 was released for all major platforms in 2011.

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