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Nice cinematics, interesting concepts

Sloppy controls sometimes have you locking on to targets that you don't want

Game Info

Game Name: De Blob 2

Developer(s): Blue Tongue Entertainment/Halfbrick Studios (NDS)

Publisher(s): THQ/SyFy Kids

Platform(s): PS3/Xbox 360/Wii/NDS

Genre(s): Platform

Release Date(s): February 22, 2011

ESRB Rating: E10+



De Blob is back but so is Comrade Black!  Black has disguised himself as a priest named Papa Blanc and is tricking the people of Prisma City to give up their colors.  It is up to de Blob to expose Comrade Black, save the people of Prisma City, and shut down Black’s plans to turn the world into monochrome blahs.

Produced THQ, de Blob 2 was originally titled de Blob:  The Underground.  Unlike the original de Blob, de Blob 2 was released on all major systems (instead of just Wii).  The game was relatively well received by critics and fans of the original.


Waahoo! I did it….again.

De Blob 2 is much more of the same if you played the original.  The graphics are a bit of an improvement from the Wii version of the game (I played the Xbox 360 version for the review).  The levels are designed to be a bit more epic with a bigger feel.  It isn’t just “the city” over and over again, but it often does end up in “the city” by the end of the level.  In increasing the size of the levels, new jump points are created once you’ve finished the level and de Blob is free to move between the jump points so travel isn’t always necessary. With the new bigger level however, it is easy really easy to get lost or confused as to where you are going.  With a time limit that seems to come into play more often, this is a bad thing…a bit more distinction between levels or places within the levels would help.


Who does that Blob think he is?

The jump to the PS3 and Xbox 360 took away a bit of the Wii’s innovative controls for de Blob.  It still works, but it seems like de Blob has a bit more mind of his own.  You end up locking onto characters you don’t want to crush and accidentally changing your color, attacking an enemy you can’t kill, or weird cameras cause you to fall.  De Blob has a few new moves with some rush attacks and new power-ups.  A second player can also join de Blob’s battle to help him as his Underground sidekick Pinky.

De Blob is still a fun, and easy game to pick up.  It is relatively harmless so in spite of being marketed as E10+, it could be played by most kids.  The levels are looooong however.  It is a good hour on each level and if you are a searcher, it will even be longer as you scour the level for hidden bonuses and upgrades.  It will be interesting to see if de Blob continues, and if they can find some new way to innovate it so it doesn’t feel like an extension of the first two games.

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